Special Report on the Data Center

Updated: The data center has grown from the glass house to the greenhouse. Read up on the latest about the changing role of the data center in the enterprise in this eWEEK Special Report.

CIOs and IT managers should stop thinking of the data center as a place and start seeing it as more of a process.

The idea of a data center as an enclosed, climate-controlled room where all of a companys computing takes place is being replaced by the concept of virtual data centers that draw on storage, computing and networking resources, wherever they may reside.

Virtual storage, virtual servers and software services that can be provisioned internally or procured on a contract basis from external vendors confront the CIO with an overwhelming array of infrastructure choices. And the number of those choices keeps growing.

Sun Microsystems on Oct.17 was championing the idea of shipping containers retrofitted to serve as data centers that could be hauled around the country to add capacity, serve as temporary centers or provide emergency backup for corporate computing needs.

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