Storage News Digest: Yamaha Stops CD-R/RW Drive Biz and more

Yamaha Ends Branded Drive Effort ... Quantum Raises Stake in SANlight ... A Look at Asia/Pacific Storage Market ... ATA-based Arrays Reduce Application Server Workloads

Enterprise Storage

Task-centric Storage Takes the Stage

Network Appliances NearStore helped usher in an era of using inexpensive, ATA disk arrays for disk-to-disk backup or secondary, near-line storage. The product, launched in March 2002, offers faster backup and recovery times at a cost per megabyte thats competitive with tape backup systems. Now vendors have rushed to add application-specific intelligence to ATA-based storage appliances, which can reduce application server workloads while offering more efficient ways to store and retrieve data. The bottom line according to Steve Duplessie, an analyst at the Enterprise Storage Group: "You should need less of a server... and the applications should run more efficiently on lower-cost compute platforms."

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Personal Storage

Yamaha Pulls the Plug On Its Branded CD-RW Drive Business

Yamaha Electronics announced Wednesday that it will stop selling Yamaha-branded CD-R/RW drives. Yamaha has maintained a presence in the recordable optical drive market for several years, but has struggled to differentiate its product line from other companies. The companys CD-RW culminated in the release last year of its CRW-F1—a FireWire-based model that featured "Disc T@2" technology, which enables users to burn text, designs or images to the unused part of CD-R discs. Yamaha said it will continue to offer technical support and warranty service for its CD-RW drives for the full warranty period.

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Storage Business

Quantum Acquires SANlight

Quantum inked a definitive agreement to purchase software maker SANlight. Quantum already owned a 7 percent stake in the company. The move is expected to help bolster Quantums data protection for devices such as its DX30, a disk-based backup system that emulates a tape library. Quantum, whose competitors include IBM, StorageTek and Seagate, will purchase all of SANlights assets, technology and intellectual property and integrate them into its storage solutions business. Most of the acquisition cost will be treated as research and development. Quantum expects the $8.5 million deal to close in February.

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Asia-Pacific Market Takes to Storage

Organizations across Asia/Pacific are focusing more heavily on their storage resources, according to Gartner Dataquest. The analyst company said the trend was evident in the first half of 2002 when the Asia/Pacific external storage market totaled $549 million. South Korea ranked No. 1 in external storage revenue in Asia/Pacific; South Korea recorded higher external storage revenue than China, despite China being No. 1 in terms of server revenue. "The demand from emerging data-heavy content technologies is being felt not just in the mature markets of the region, but from emerging markets, such as China, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia," said Matthew Boon, principal analyst for Gartner Dataquests Asia/Pacific Computing Platforms group.

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