Storage Web Digest: Plasmon Demonstrates Forthcoming 30GB Ultra-Density Optical Drives ... and More

IBM Overhauls Tivoli Storage Tools ... TeraCloud Expands Application-Based Storage Management Software ... Plasmon Demonstrates Forthcoming 30GB Ultra-Density Optical Drives ... One Less Storage VAR: SANZ To Acquire Solunet, dba StorNet

Enterprise Storage

IBM Overhauls Tivoli Storage Tools

IBM in April plans to release three revamped Tivoli software products that will include wider support for various storage hardware and improved system monitoring tools. Big Blue will roll out version 5.2 of the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) and Version 1.2 of both the Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager (TSANM) and Tivoli Storage Resource Manager (TSRM) products. Customers will be able to use TSM in conjunction with Oracle running on an IBM xSeries server and Informix 64-bit with Solaris. In addition, IBM added support for Red Hat and SuSE Linux agents in the new version of TSANM. The company said that it will officially announce the products at its Developer Works Live conference in New Orleans early next month, but the software will not ship until late April.

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TeraCloud Expands Application-Based Storage Management Software

Users wanting to monitor and manage storage resources assigned to business-critical applications will now be able to do so more precisely and in real-time with TeraClouds recently updated storage software. SpaceNet 3.0 introduces the capability to manage a wider variety of network, server and storage-area network-attached devices. This version also adds the ability to define areas of storage that could be troublesome, customize the administrators view of stored data based on its application and create more detailed searches, allowing users to expose potential problems in real-time. The storage resource management software runs under Unix, Linux, Windows, as well as IBM OS/390 mainframe environments.

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Personal Storage

Plasmon Demonstrates Forthcoming 30GB Ultra-Density Optical Drives

Automated data storage solutions provider Plasmon recently demonstrated a working prototype of its new 30GB, Ultra Density Optical (UDO) drives and media. UDO uses 405nm blue-violet laser and phase-change technology adapted from the Blu-Ray DVD products. The media cartridges are dimensionally identical to current 5.25-inch magneto-optical media, providing compatibility with the existing 5.25-inch library automation machines and robotics. Both WORM and rewritable media will also be available. This first generation product provides 30GB capacity and a data transfer rate of up to 8MB per second. Future generations of drives and media will increase the usable capacity of discs to 60GB and 120GB. Backward read capability will be maintained throughout the whole product roadmap.

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Storage Business

One Less Storage VAR: SANZ To Acquire Solunet, dba StorNet

Officials of Storage Area Networks, a publicly listed storage solution provider trading over the counter under the name SANZ, this week said the company has reached an agreement-in-principle to merge with Solunet. Solunet, which does business as StorNet Solutions, is an Englewood, Colo.-based storage solution provider. The final agreement and terms are expected in the next few weeks, said Hugh OReilly, SANZ senior vice president. The combined company will result in a more efficient operation by cutting back on administrative costs and improved purchasing capabilities, according to OReilly. The two also have a fairly good overlap in terms of technology partners, especially their relationships with StorageTek, he said. The other key driver for this merger is an expanded geographic footprint. "We will now pretty much own the Northeast, from Virginia to New England," OReilly said.

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