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Data centers may have a hot spot in one area, and they may be overcooled in another area. Big waste of energy, in either case.

"If you go into a grocery store, there are places that are really, really cold, like where the ice cream is kept," Pouchet said. "A couple of aisles over, they've got these rotisserie chickens for sale. How do they do that? It's because they know where to put the power and the cooling. They have people to help them do that."
Similarly, that's why you bring specialists in to help identify heating and cooling issues in the data center. "They can find things you'll never think of," Pouchet said.

For example, just the way the server racks are laid out can make a big difference in the amount of cooling needed to keep them operational.

"If you've got open spaces in the racks, all through a 10-row data center, let's say, then you've got hot air flowing right through them, and that will mess up your cool airflow pattern," Pouchet said. "And that cool air is being wasted in all 10 aisles."

There are a number of opportunities like these to identify, and for a small amount of money, a company can get an assessment that will really help, Pouchet said.
"The coming year will undoubtedly require data center and IT managers to get maximum value from their facility without making significant enhancements," said Chuck Spear, president of Liebert North America. Liebert is a division of Emerson.
"The good news is that numerous opportunities exist throughout the data center to do more with less. Businesses that have already invested in adaptive technologies are poised to easily grow as they're able. Those that will spend on data center support systems must demand flexible, efficient products at the lowest total cost of ownership."

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