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Analysis of a Hot Job

Web analytics are poised to become one of the hottest career trends of the next five to 10 years.

How to Protect Client Relationships

In my last column, i asked readers to send me the ethical dilemmas with which they have to grapple in their roles as corporate IT managers: be it a gap between corporate policy and practice or ticklish situations regarding data privacy, software piracy or

A Cost-Tracking System to Fill the Bill

|'s Web-based model is targeting small and midsize companies.

InfiniBand Impresses but Awaits Audience

Infiniband, a new high-speed interconnect technology designed to boost bandwidth inside data centers, reached a significant milestone last week when supporters demonstrated it running enterprise-class database applications for the first time.

Storage Vendors Stepping Up Capacity

Storage companies, large and small, have new targets in their sights: small and midsize businesses.

Corralling Information

Portable storage solutions are becoming more popular as the amount of stored data continues to grow.

High Marks

Wharton's ASP offering passes rivals' test

Fast Facts Infrastructure: June 25, 2001

EchoStar Communications has reportedly turned to UBS Warburg and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. for $3 billion in short-term loans that the satellite broadcaster needs to make a bid for the parent of its chief competitor, DirecTV.

Passive Observer

Mercury Interactive Corp. has added passive monitoring to its Topaz tool for active Web application performance testing.

Fibre Channel Switch Hits 2G-bps Throughput

QLogic's SANbox2 makes infrastructure administration smoother

Feeling SASsy

BI leader set to expand into middle market

IBM Opens Door With NAS Products

Four months after launching its storage networking initiative, IBM last week unveiled a number of NAS products aimed at helping businesses link information and speed up access to the data.

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