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Virtual Storage Still on Horizon

A year since the promises began, storage virtualization is still little more than a blip on the screen, though some vendors are trying to push ahead.

Lets Pretend Its Hardware

Connectix's Virtual PC 5.0 enables concurrent sessions of as many operating systems (including different versions of Windows, OS/2 or Linux) as your hardware can handle-and runs those sessions on a Macintosh.

Act Globally, Work Locally

Some experts on human behavior say it takes about 21 days to establish a habit. Others say it takes only three to 10 days to start a habit but 30 days to stop one.

Virtual Access Resolves DSL Blame Game

The blame game that goes on when a business' Digital Subscriber Line is down sounds a little like a playground squabble.

Switchin To Go

Telecom at the speed of greased lightning

Softswitches: The Home/Office Connection

Virtual central office technology is a business-to-business tool that is quickly moving into the home.

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