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Sony Staff Goes Back to Future, Uses Old IT to Get Work Done

Posted : 2014-12-18

NEWS ANALYSIS: New-gen IT is a tradeoff: speed and ease of use rates over clunkier, slower, more tedious -- but safer -- methods of sending data from Point A to B. Read More >


IBM Ends 2014 With a Cloud Bang

Posted : 2014-12-18

IBM announced a bunch of new cloud computing centers as well as new customers and partnerships to round out the year. Read More >


How to Distinguish a Cloud Poser From a Cloud Pro

Posted : 2014-12-18

Debates over trusting an expert as opposed to someone who claims to be an expert happen every day across all industries—from car repair to IT—and this certainly includes anything involving the cloud. While cloud computing enables... Read More >


Google Chrome Browser to Warn Users of Sites That Don't Use HTTPS

Posted : 2014-12-17

Google hopes that the warnings it sends to Chrome browser users will encourage websites to move to the secure HTTP protocol. Read More >


Oracle, Seeing Cloud Sales Rise, Beats Street on Q2 Earnings

Posted : 2014-12-17

Overall cloud-related revenue was up 47 percent year over year, a metric that is very important to the long-term health of the company. Read More >

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