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WD Targets Prosumers, Small Businesses With My Cloud NAS

Posted : 2015-02-26

All of those 4K GoPro videos need to go somewhere. WD launches new NAS devices to help consumers and small business store their growing collections of big files. Read More >


Docker Advances With Trio of Orchestration Tools

Posted : 2015-02-26

Two months after first announcing Machine, Swarm and Compose, Docker rolls out the three orchestration tools. Read More >


How GE Sees Industrial Internet Trends Developing in the Coming Year

Posted : 2015-02-26

GE's IT messaging lately has been all about what it calls the "industrial Internet." This is the Internet of things (IoT), but on a larger scale, with cloud-enabled items that include aircraft engines, wind turbines, trains, submarines, and similar... Read More >


Security, Financial Concerns Impact Cloud Deployments

Posted : 2015-02-26

While security of cloud services remains a top priority, just 28 percent of respondents identified security as the largest source of problems. Read More >


Google Scraps Format for Pwnium Bug Disclosures

Posted : 2015-02-26

Researchers will now be able to submit Chrome bug-chains throughout the year, reducing the likelihood of multiple researchers working on discovering the same bugs. Read More >

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