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Google Makes Moves to Boost Cloud Network Performance

Posted : 2015-11-19

Google unveils updates that include new Cloud Router and Subnetworks capabilities, as well as a partnership with Akamai. Read More >


Avanan Building a Cloud of Clouds for Security

Posted : 2015-11-19

The startup exits stealth mode with a new approach to enabling security in the cloud. Read More >


Google, CloudEndure Offer Free Data Migration to Cloud Platform

Posted : 2015-11-18

Google and CloudEndure are offering free data migration services to any business interested in transferring data from five or more servers to Google's Cloud Platform. Read More >


IBM Expands Federal Cloud Ecosystem, Spurs First Responders

Posted : 2015-11-18

Big Blue welcomes five new partners to its federal cloud ecosystem and taps developers to build cloud apps for first responders. Read More >


Google to Serve Up Facebook Content In Mobile Search

Posted : 2015-11-17

In a surprising partnership between two competitors, Google's Web crawlers have begun indexing content in Facebook's mobile application. Read More >

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