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How IT Insiders Are Projecting Future of Verizon-Yahoo

Posted : 2016-07-25

NEWS ANALYSIS: Industry analysts are generally positive about the long-term impact of the acquisition to compete with AT&T and Google. Read More >


IBM, CSC Expand Their Cloud Deal to the Mainframe

Posted : 2016-07-25

IBM and CSC have expanded an existing cloud partnership to include support for workloads that run on IBM's mainframe systems. Read More >


Intercom Messenger Upgrades Service, Takes on Tough Market

Posted : 2016-07-22

Intercom, which was there at the beginning of the messaging trend, is quietly taking a solid market-share position and is not selling advertising on its platform. Read More >


Google Adds Options for Community Edits to Google Maps

Posted : 2016-07-22

Google is looking to make sure the information from its Maps application is up-to-date and complete, the company said. Read More >


Google Introduces Beta Versions of Two Machine Learning APIs

Posted : 2016-07-21

The machine learning APIs will give Google Cloud customers a way to extract value from large text and audio files. Read More >

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