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Google Apps Users Gain More Control of Account Security

Posted : 2014-11-25

A new device and activity dashboard will give enterprise users a quick way to assess the security of their Google accounts, the company said. Read More >


Eight Important Facts About the OpenStack Cloud Platform

Posted : 2014-11-25

The open-source OpenStack cloud platform serves multiple market segments and has users with different deployment models. The most popular deployment type for OpenStack is as an on-premises private cloud, according the recent OpenStack user survey,... Read More >


Google's Balloon-Connected Web Initiative Starting to Take Off

Posted : 2014-11-25

The Internet giant said it can launch up to 20 Project Loon balloons a day to deliver Internet service in rural areas. Read More >


IBM Patents Design for Data Privacy Engine

Posted : 2014-11-23

IBM's newly patented data privacy engine safeguards cloud data shared across borders. This new invention improves upon manual privacy techniques. Read More >


Governments' Vow to Take Down Webcam Aggregator Beggars Security Issue

Posted : 2014-11-22

A Website points to more than 10,000 insecure Internet-connected cameras, but efforts to shutter the aggregator ignore a larger issue. Read More >

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