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Alerting and Monitoring Comes to Microsoft Azure Cloud Backups

Posted : 2016-08-19

This week's updates include new ways for customers to keep tabs on their cloud backups, index their content and improve the performance of their streaming media. Read More >


Google Updates Street View With Better Rendering, Mobile Support

Posted : 2016-08-18

A new Street View renderer for the JavaScript API in Google Maps provides smoother transitions and better image rendering. Mobile users will see the biggest improvements. Read More >


How the IBM SoftLayer Deal Will Help Workday Grow Its SaaS Business

Posted : 2016-08-18

Workday, which provides a financial management and human capital manager application suite in the cloud, recently announced that it had signed a deal to use IBM's SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to deliver its software applications to customers.... Read More >


Unisys Awarded $232M USDA Cloud, App Modernization Contract

Posted : 2016-08-18

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development agency awarded Unisys a $232 million contract to modernize its applications and provide cloud services. Read More >


Salesforce Enhances Health Cloud With Telehealth Two-Way Video Chat

Posted : 2016-08-18's Health Cloud service will now give caregivers a video option to improve patient-caregiver communication and the overall patient experience. Read More >

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