10 Chromebooks That Give Companies Best Mix of Power, Price, Features SLIDESHOW

July 24, 2017 9:50 AM | ()
With so many vendors now offering Chromebooks, companies have a daunting task deciding which are worth purchasing. This slide show helps remove the guesswork out of that decision.
IBM X-Force Red

IBM X-Force Red Launches IoT and Connected Car Security Services

July 24, 2017 6:20 AM | ()
A year after IBM debuted its elite security testing team, new services are added to help organizations improve car and IoT security.

Global Cloud Shutdown Could Result in $53B in Losses, Report Finds

July 24, 2017 6:13 AM | ()
A joint research report from insurance provider Lloyd's of London and cyber-risk analytics firm Cyence evaluates the risk of cyber-security.

Lyft Takes High Road in Race to Develop Autonomous Cars

July 21, 2017 3:26 PM | ()
NEWS ANALYSIS: No. 2 ride-hailing company announces an ambitious plan to begin offering rides in self-driving cars by the end of this year.

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Citrix Workspace Service Now Available on Google Cloud

July 21, 2017 2:58 PM | ()
Citrix and Google are working together to bring cloud delivery of applications, virtual desktops and secure cloud-optimized endpoints to their enterprise customers.
bug finder

Microsoft Readying Release of AI Bug Finder for Developers

July 21, 2017 1:46 PM | ()
The cloud-based fuzz testing service for developers uses artificial intelligence techniques to track down software vulnerabilities before they become a problem for users.

Google Strengthens Protections Against Unverified Web Apps

July 21, 2017 12:32 PM | ()
Users of G Suite applications will now receive a warning any time they attempt to interact with a new or unverified web application.
Internet Bug Bounty

Internet Bug Bounty Raises New Funding to Improve Open-Source Security

July 21, 2017 12:42 PM | ()
A bug bounty program that provides cash rewards for security researchers who responsibly disclose open-source code vulnerabilities gets new money from Facebook, the Ford Foundation and GitHub.
Microsoft cloud

Microsoft Mints New Fortunes in the Cloud

July 21, 2017 9:24 AM | ()
Strong sales of Microsoft's cloud offerings turn Azure into a nearly $19 billion a year business.

How Intel’s Core X CPUs Will Bring New Power to Computer Designs SLIDESHOW

July 21, 2017 7:30 AM | ()
Intel's Core i7 processors have been on the market for nearly a decade. Now Intel says the Core i9 will raise the computing power bar for many types of computer designs.

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