Security Vendors Say New Technologies Needed to to Bolster Cloud De...

Worries about security are keeping the brakes on the growth of cloud computing despite a huge drop in infrastructure costs that are making it cost effective for enterprises to move their data centers off the premises.

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Qualcomm Looks to Unite LTE-U, WiFi in Small Cells

At the Mobile World Congress, the chip maker says it will show that combining LTE-U with WiFi will increase the capacity of mobile networks.

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Europol, Security Firms Team Up to Disrupt Ramnit Botnet

Microsoft, Symantec, AnubisNetworks and Europol work together to take down Ramnit, malware that infected more than an estimated 3.2 million computers over four years.

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FCC Vote Imposes Net Neutrality Rules Sure to Face Legal Blockade

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Federal Communications Commission did exactly what President Obama Requested. But that doesn’t mean he got enforceable network neutrality rules.

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How NFC Plus Location Is Changing Product Distribution, Retailing

NEWS ANALYSIS: Here is how a bottle of high-end whiskey reveals the way near-field communication and smartphones are changing product distribution and retailing.

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Google to Give Mobile-Friendly Sites Better Search Rankings

Google, which has been pushing sites to be more easily viewable on mobile devices, will give sites optimized for mobile viewing priority in mobile search.

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Hearing Witnesses Warn FCC Net Neutrality Initiative Doomed to Failure

NEWS ANALYSIS: Congressional hearing witnesses warn that the FCC is about to vote on network neutrality rules that are certain to be gridlocked by years of litigation.

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Komodia SSL Holes Could Affect Dozens of Web Products Besides Superfish

Lenovo's Superfish adware is just one of "more than 100 clients" that use Komodia's network-traffic interception libraries.

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Verizon Offering the BlackBerry Classic Smartphone Starting Feb. 26

BlackBerry Classic will go for $99.99 after a $50 rebate under a 2-year contract with Verizon. It will be available online Feb. 26 and in Verizon stores March 5.

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Enterprise Tech Videos


Google is readying an enterprise version of Inbox email; IBM takes the power of the mainframe to the cloud; breach detection time fell; and there's more.

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Daily Video: LG Unveiling 4 Midrange Smartphones at MWC

LG unveiling 4 midrange smartphones at Mobile World Congress; EZchip unveils plans for 100-core ARM...

Daily Video: Intel Eyes 10nm Chips as 14nm Hits Market

Intel eyes 10nm chips as 14nm hits market; lack of patching remains top security risk; Lenovo...

Daily Video: Apple Reportedly Eyeing Electric Car Production

Apple reportedly eyeing electric car production; Apple Watch 'premium' versions could get pricey; EMC...

Daily Video: Lenovo Denies Superfish Adware Created Security Risks

Lenovo Denies Superfish Adware on Its PCs Created Security Risks; HP Joins Dell, Juniper in Offering...

Daily Video: Juniper Unveils New Routers for Mobile Networks

Juniper Unveils New Routers for Mobile Networks; 'Equation' Cyber-Espionage Group Likely Tied to NSA,...

Daily Video: Apple Watch Will Lack Key Health Monitoring Features

Apple Watch Will Lack Key Health-Monitoring Features in April Debut: Red Hat Enterprise Linux...

Daily Video: How Cyber-Security Leaders Evaluate White House Strategy

How Cyber-security Leaders Evaluate White House Strategy; HP to Award Big Money to Winners of Pwn2Own...

Daily Video: HP Bolsters Helion Cloud With Workload-Specific Systems

HP Bolsters Helion Cloud with Workload-Specific Configurations; IBM Says 60 Percent of Dating Apps...

Daily Video: Dell Brings Predictive Support to Business PCs, Tablets

Dell brings predictive support to business PCs, tablets; T-Mobile giving away free tablets for...

Daily Video: Home Security Systems Aren't Secure, HP Claims

Home security systems aren't secure, HP claims; ARM buys IoT security company Offspark; Qualcomm...

Parallels Gets Even More Cross-Platform with 2X Software Buy

The move will expand Seattle-based Parallels' ability to let customers access and use any applications and files on any device, anywhere, any time.

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PernixData Adds RAM Compression in New Storageware

These fast, automated algorithms do not lose data in the process, PernixData said, and they make processing decisions faster than anything previously.

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Siloed, Unstructured Mobile Messaging Brings Limitations

When it comes to customer service, consolidation was an underlying need for these departments, according to the study, conducted by IDC and OpenMarket.

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