Daily Video: Regin Cyber-Spy Malware Steals Data, Hides Evidence

Complex Regin cyber-spy malware steals data, leaves little evidence; Sony Pictures reels from hacker attack; Google's balloon-connected Web initiative starting to take off; and more.

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Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 810 Developer Devices

The mobile chip maker wants to give device and software makers a look at the upcoming ARM-based 64-bit SoCs aimed at smartphones and tablets.

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Inside Cisco's OpenStack Cloud Strategy

VIDEO: Lew Tucker, vice president and CTO of Cloud Computing at Cisco, details his firm's OpenStack platform efforts.

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Post Office Takes Unusual Approach to Handling Breach

NEWS ANALYSIS: Full details emerge on the U.S. Postal Service breach, and some of the insights are surprising, including the fact that the USPS didn't immediately block compromised servers.

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EU May Ask Google to Extend 'Right to Be Forgotten' Beyond Europe

Google may be asked to apply the privacy obligation to its main site.

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HP Has 400-Plus Employees Working on Split

The tech vendor has created teams charged with dealing with the financial, legal and technological details of breaking the company in two.

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FCC Reaches Agreement With T-Mobile About Mobile Speed Disclosures

T-Mobile was asked to give users more accurate info about service speeds they receive, especially after they exceed data plan allotments and are slowed down.

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Regin Cyber-Spy Malware Targeted High-Priority Intelligence Quarry

NEWS ANALYSIS: It's not likely that your network will get hit by the Regin malware by accident. But if you discover it on your network it means that somebody big and powerful is after you.

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Lenovo Pushes Single Channel Program for Servers, PCs

Company officials want channel partners to sell not only Lenovo PCs but also the data center hardware acquired with IBM's x86 server business.

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Enterprise Tech Videos


Complex Regin cyber-spy malware steals data, leaves little evidence; Sony Pictures reels from hacker attack; Google's balloon-connected Web initiative starting to take off; and more.

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Daily Video: Samsung Wants Nvidia GPU Sales Banned in U.S.

Samsung wants Nvidia GPU sales banned in the U.S.; Intel applauds Obama immigration order; Microsoft...

Daily Video: Apple Relabels 'Free' Apps to Satisfy Regulators

Apple relabels "free" apps to satisfy regulators; Cisco-AT&T alliance aims at business...

Daily Video: Mozilla Takes $300M Gamble on Yahoo to Assert Independence

Mozilla takes $300M gamble on Yahoo to reassert its independence; Samsung to offer fewer smartphone...

Daily Video: SGI Unveils 2 New Supercomputers, Management Software

SGI unveils 2 new supercomputers, management software; Woz joins startup primary data; IBM verse...

Daily Video: FCC to Talk to AT&T About Threats to Halt Fiber Work

FCC wants to talk to AT&T about threats to halt fiber installations; Cray to evaluate ARM chips...

Daily Video: AT&T Halts Mobile Phone Info Tracking 'Experiment'

AT&T stops using permanent mobile phone-tracking info; U.S. State Department is the latest...

Daily Video: AT&T Halts Fiber Spending Over Net Neutrality Question

AT&T pulls back on fiber to 100 U.S. cities over Net Neutrality fight; Microsoft dials up an...

Daily Video: Amazon Claims Aurora DB Engine Screams With Speed

Amazon's Aurora DB engine screams with speed; Microsoft enhances DevOps support in Visual Studio; HP...

Daily Video: Microsoft to Take .NET Cross-Platform to Linux, Mac

Microsoft will take its .NET cross-platform to Linux and the Mac; hackers breached NOAA; Apple...

Tech Briefing: Skype for Business to Replace Microsoft Lync in 2015

Skype for business to replace Microsoft Lync in 2015; Verizon adds Ellipsis 8 to its tablet arsenal;...

HP's Flat Earnings Call Into Question Its Plan to Split in Two

Red flags in the report: Enterprise hardware/software and services, which came in with revenue slippage of 4 percent and 7 percent, respectively.

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Microsoft Rides Cloud to Carbon Neutrality

Two years after committing to carbon neutrality, the tech giant has achieved its goal despite a massive increase in its cloud computing footprint.

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T-Mobile Expands Free Music Streaming Offerings

T-Mobile Simple Choice plan customers get free music streaming through Pandora, Rhapsody and other services without using their data plans.

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