Tails Linux Still at Risk Despite Security Fixes

Researchers aim to prove a point "that no software is infallible" by finding bugs in a privacy Linux distribution favored by Edward Snowden.

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Small Business Employees See Pay Bump

Despite the pay bump, hiring slipped 0.2 percent in July nationwide, after being flat in June, according to the SurePayroll small business report.

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New Features Likely to Impress OS X Yosemite Pre-Beta Testers

Apple announced that its next Macintosh operating system, OS X Yosemite, will be available July 24 in its first public beta. The announcement comes as the company is celebrating another successful quarter of lofty profits and heavy Mac sales as it prepares to launch a new iPhone this fall. The second half of 2014, in other words,... More >

Health IT Workers Looking for Better Compensation

Both consultants and full-time health IT employees ranked better compensation as the number one reason they would consider changing jobs.

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Firefox 31 Brings New Tools to Developers

Mozilla shipped its Firefox 31 Web browser this week, providing users with incremental feature and security updates. Firefox 31 entered beta development on June 12, two days after Mozilla's Firefox 30 browser was released. As was the case with Firefox 30, there are no major user-facing changes in Firefox 31, as Mozilla... More >

Fortinet Launches 5000 Series Firewall Appliance, Blades

The 5000 Series is comprised of a new chassis, the FortiGate 5144C, controller networking blades (5903C/5913C) and security blades.

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Tim Cook Admits Lower-Cost Used iPhone Sales Are Good for Apple

NEWS ANALYSIS: Asked during the July 22 earnings call whether used iPhone sales cut into sales of new phones, Tim Cook said sales of low-cost iPhones help draw people into Apple's fold.

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Oracle Linux 7 Makes Its Debut

Oracle sees continued potential for growth as it rolls out its latest Linux distribution release.

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eBay StubHub Hack Leads to Arrests

Law enforcement authorities come together in a joint effort to nab suspects in the breach of more than 1,600 customer accounts.

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Enterprise Tech Videos


Leaked BlackBerry Passport video demos 'touch-sensitive keys'; Yahoo bets on flurry analytics to grow mobile ad revenue; Snowden aims to be known as privacy defender, not whistleblower; and more.

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Daily Tech Briefing: July 22, 2014

EMC investor to urge storage vendor to spin off VMware; W3C launches effort for social web app...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 21, 2014

Black Hat preview shows hotels and IoT vulnerable to hacks; HP grows efforts to target IBM and Lenovo...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 18, 2014

Microsoft to slash 18,000 jobs, Nokia hit hard; Apple could pay Ebook buyers $400 million; IBM's...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 17, 2014

IBM, Apple join hands as unlikely enterprise partners; Microsoft seeks developer partners for...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 16, 20134

FCC window for Net Neutrality comments closes, with a bang; Google's Nest, ARM, Samsung launch new...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 15, 2014

Samsung Galaxy apps nudge out Google App Store; Apple addresses China's CCTV security allegations;...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 14, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 with Sapphire glass display seems likely; T-Mobile fights FTC cramming charges,...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 11, 2014

Apple pointed finger at Google, while cooperating with FTC; The clock is ticking on Windows 7,...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 10, 2014

Bell Labs broadband test hits 10G bps over copper; AT&T adds improvements to toggle BYOD...

Daily Tech Briefing: July 9, 2013

BlackBerry shows off square Passport hone, shrugs off secrecy; Google Project Zero strengthens Apple...

GoPro Channel App Launches on Xbox One

Now Xbox One owners have a dedicated app for death-defying footage shot on GoPro's popular wearable cameras.

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Google and Uber Test WiFi in Uber Vehicles in Philadelphia

The free Wifi in Uber vehicles will be tried out through Labor Day in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Businesses Flock to Microsoft's Cloud

Making all the right moves? Microsoft reports that healthy demand for its cloud-based offerings is improving its bottom line.

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