BlackBerry to Pay iPhone Users Up to $550 to Switch to Passport

The deal, which is good from Dec. 1 through Feb. 13, 2015, offers iPhone owners up to $550 to trade their smartphones in for a BlackBerry Passport phone.

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Microsoft Updates Exchange Online Protection to Battle Holiday Spam

The company issued an update intended to help organizations deal with inboxes that are beginning to fill up with not-so-glad tidings.

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PC Decline Slows While Tablet Shipments Wane

IDC analysts say that the struggling PC market has been helped by the rapid deceleration this year in the once-hot tablet space.

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Daily Video: Samsung Wants Nvidia GPU Sales Banned in U.S.

Samsung wants Nvidia GPU sales banned in the U.S.; Intel applauds Obama immigration order; Microsoft Cortana takes on "bigger" Siri; and more tech news.

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T-Mobile Expands Free Music Streaming Offerings

T-Mobile Simple Choice plan customers get free music streaming through Pandora, Rhapsody and other services without using their data plans.

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Sony Pictures Reels From Hacker Attack

Sony Pictures' network is taken over by attackers, locking out employees. What does it say about the state of enterprise security today?

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Regin Cyber-Spy Malware Casts Wide Net for Telecom Phone Call Data

NEWS ANALYSIS: While the exact purpose of the Regin malware is still unclear, as some of the evidence indicates, it was a sophisticated effort to track phone call meta data. Sound familiar?

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Microsoft Leverages IoT Tech to Combat Online Fraud

The software giant is banking on the Internet of things and the cloud to help law enforcement combat cyber-criminals.

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Microsoft Cortana Takes On a 'Bigger' Siri

The digital assistants from Microsoft and Apple spar again in a new ad that pokes fun at the iPhone's new larger dimensions in time of the holidays.

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Enterprise Tech Videos


Samsung wants Nvidia GPU sales banned in the U.S.; Intel applauds Obama immigration order; Microsoft Cortana takes on "bigger" Siri; and more tech news.

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Daily Video: Apple Relabels 'Free' Apps to Satisfy Regulators

Apple relabels "free" apps to satisfy regulators; Cisco-AT&T alliance aims at business...

Daily Video: Mozilla Takes $300M Gamble on Yahoo to Assert Independence

Mozilla takes $300M gamble on Yahoo to reassert its independence; Samsung to offer fewer smartphone...

Daily Video: SGI Unveils 2 New Supercomputers, Management Software

SGI unveils 2 new supercomputers, management software; Woz joins startup primary data; IBM verse...

Daily Video: FCC to Talk to AT&T About Threats to Halt Fiber Work

FCC wants to talk to AT&T about threats to halt fiber installations; Cray to evaluate ARM chips...

Daily Video: AT&T Halts Mobile Phone Info Tracking 'Experiment'

AT&T stops using permanent mobile phone-tracking info; U.S. State Department is the latest...

Daily Video: AT&T Halts Fiber Spending Over Net Neutrality Question

AT&T pulls back on fiber to 100 U.S. cities over Net Neutrality fight; Microsoft dials up an...

Daily Video: Amazon Claims Aurora DB Engine Screams With Speed

Amazon's Aurora DB engine screams with speed; Microsoft enhances DevOps support in Visual Studio; HP...

Daily Video: Microsoft to Take .NET Cross-Platform to Linux, Mac

Microsoft will take its .NET cross-platform to Linux and the Mac; hackers breached NOAA; Apple...

Tech Briefing: Skype for Business to Replace Microsoft Lync in 2015

Skype for business to replace Microsoft Lync in 2015; Verizon adds Ellipsis 8 to its tablet arsenal;...

Tech Briefing: Michael Dell Says Emerging Markets Key to Future Growth

Michael Dell: Emerging markets key to future growth; Raspberry Pi unveils a smaller, cheaper...

Sprint, AT&T Reveal Black Friday Deals on Some Devices

Sprint's $200 off deal on a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone starts online on Thanksgiving, Nov. 27. Discounted smartwatches are available through AT&T starting Nov. 28.

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Tech M&A Market Still Revving, but Concerns on Horizon

Almost two-thirds agreed that deal structuring can reduce risk to manageable levels and that litigation concerns should be priced into any deal.

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IBM Patents Design for Data Privacy Engine

IBM's newly patented data privacy engine safeguards cloud data shared across borders. This new invention improves upon manual privacy techniques.

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