Daily Tech Briefing: April 17, 2014

Microsoft launches Azure Cloud service for Internet of Things; Heartbleed impacts taxes, Android; AMD Demos x86 APU server running Fedora Linux; and more.

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Cortana-like Personalization Comes to Microsoft Bing

Bing provides a window into how Cortana, Microsoft's new search and digital assistant technology, gets to know users.

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Amazon's Smartphone Design: 10 Features We Want to See

Rumors are rife that Amazon is working on a smartphone. A recent leak showed an Amazon device pictured in a case and coming with what appeared to be four camera lenses around the corners of the handset. Details on the device's design are slim at this point, but if the leaks and all of the past rumors are true, it appears Amazon will... More >

DataCore SDS Survey Cites Complexity, Security as Top Issues

Software-defined storage enables automated control of data flows and allows most legacy hardware to be kept online, with only software needing an update.

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First Arrest Related to Heartbleed SSL Flaw Reported

NEWS ANALYSIS: Though experts are still assessing the full impact of Heartbleed, police in Canada made the first arrest related to the SSL encryption flaw.

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Citizen Developers Are Changing the Face of Business Software

So-called citizen developers are making an impact on enterprise software development by building their own apps without the help of IT.

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AT&T's Connected Car Strategy Focuses on Building Great Partnerships

AT&T attributes its leading position in the connected car market to the partnerships it's building. The latest of these is with Volvo.  

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IBM Q1 Earnings Drop As Hardware Sales Decline

IBM saw its eighth consecutive quarter of revenue declines with hardware leading the way for the slide as the company moves to higher-value business.

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OpenStack Icehouse Features a Trove of Open-Source Cloud Updates

Database-as-a-service technology, live upgrades, storage improvements and federated identity are part of the new open-source cloud platform release.

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Microsoft launches Azure Cloud service for Internet of Things; Heartbleed impacts taxes, Android; AMD Demos x86 APU server running Fedora Linux; and more.

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Intronis Updates Cloud Backup Platform with Support for Hyper-V

Partners can now backup files using a recurring-interval or calendar-based schedule, enabling fine-grain control over recovery points.

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