AMD Helped by Game Consoles, Graphics in Q1

The chip maker saw revenues grow, but it slid back into a loss due in part to a weak PC market.

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Ubuntu Linux Has What It Takes to Challenge Windows on the Desktop

A new Long Term Support release of Ubuntu Linux, code-named "Trusty Tahr," arrives just as Microsoft ends support on Windows XP. A Canonical vice president believes it's a great alternative to replace XP.

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Phone-Based Fraud Takes Off During Tax Time

Security firm Pindrop finds a phone fraud ring that may have targeted more than 450,000 people, mostly immigrants and foreign nationals, in attempts to extort phony tax payments.

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Google Glass Helping ER Doctors in Boston Hospital

Glass is making it easier for emergency room doctors to focus directly on patients and improve their care.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Has $251 Bill of Materials, Pushing a Pricey Trend

Slowing global smartphone sales have companies spending more to impress. But it's consumers who will pay in the end.

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Red Hat Touts Virtual Containers as Next Advance in Cloud Computing

NEWS ANALYSIS: Red Hat says virtual containers will be an efficient way to distribute applications across the hybrid cloud infrastructures that are favored by enterprises.

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AT&T's Connected Car Strategy Focuses on Building Great Partnerships

AT&T attributes its leading position in the connected car market to the partnerships it's building. The latest of these is with Volvo.  

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Google's Ara Phone Promises to Provide Exactly the Phone You Need

NEWS ANALYSIS: The modular design of Google's Ara smartphone probably won’t be as cheap as the hype would indicate, but it may save money by eschewing features you don’t want to pay for.

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IBM Q1 Earnings Drop As Hardware Sales Decline

IBM saw its eighth consecutive quarter of revenue declines with hardware leading the way for the slide as the company moves to higher-value business.

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Microsoft launches Azure Cloud service for Internet of Things; Heartbleed impacts taxes, Android; AMD Demos x86 APU server running Fedora Linux; and more.

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Will open-source money prevent the next Heartbleed? Broadcom, Quantenna aim for faster WiFi; IRS pays...

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Cisco, Juniper work to protect networking gear from Heartbleed; Google Chrome 35 Beta shows off...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 14, 2014

Even before heartbleed, improper Use of SSL put users at risk; Google patches apps, services in...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 11, 2014

BlackBerry Intends to stay in the handset business, Chen says; T-Mobile kicks off 3 days of news with...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 10, 2014

'Heartbleed' OpenSSL flaw may lead to leaked passwords, encryption keys; Google releases Chrome...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 9, 2014

Microsoft's Cortana Presages Bing's Future; IBM Brings New Cloud Offerings, Pricing to the Mainframe;...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 8, 2014

Apple Documents Leave No Doubt Larger iPhones Are Coming; Qualcomm Intros Fastest 64-Bit Snapdragon...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 7, 2014

T-Mobile Says It Will Keep Supporting BlackBerry Users Despite Rift; Windows XP Deadline's Potential...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 4, 2014

Lumia 930 Flagship Among First Nokia Models to Run Windows Phone 8.1; Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update...

Daily Tech Briefing: April 3, 2014

BlackBerry Announces Split With T-Mobile; Microsoft Delivers Universal Windows App Development at...

OpenStack Icehouse Features a Trove of Open-Source Cloud Updates

Database-as-a-service technology, live upgrades, storage improvements and federated identity are part of the new open-source cloud platform release.

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Barcode Software Maker Zebra Buys Motorola Scanner Division

Zebra Technologies plans to buy one of the few remaining divisions of Motorola, expanding its ownership into the enterprise asset tracking market.

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Google I/O 2014 Theme Unveiled: 'Design, Develop, Distribute'

As the sign-up period opens through April 18 for the Google I/O 2014 developer conference, Google dishes out a few more details about the upcoming event.

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