Google Launching Gigabit Internet Services in 18 More Cities

Communities in the Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham metro areas will receive Google Fiber soon.

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Twitter Expands by Enabling Private Chatrooms, Video Editing

Up to now, Twitter subscribers could aggregate public discussions into Tweetchats but had no way to do private chat sessions.

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Apple OS X 10.10.2 Bashes Bugs

Apple updates Yosemite for the Thunderstrike hardware vulnerability, which was among 54 patched flaws.

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Verizon Says It Won't Match T-Mobile, AT&T Data Rollover Moves

Verizon has confirmed to eWEEK that it has no interest in offering data rollover benefits to its customers after competitors T-Mobile and AT&T recently launched such services.

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Facebook Went Offline, but Don't Blame Hackers

Facebook officials said its latest outage was due to an internal configuration error, not a hacker attack.

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Cablevision Unveils Freewheel WiFi-Only Phone Service

The new WiFi-only service will cost $29.95 a month and will allow users to receive unlimited talk, text and data as long as they can connect to a WiFi network.

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Microsoft Continues to See Impact of Transition to Cloud

Microsoft's move to be the key provider of software and solutions to the mobile-first, cloud-first world pays off as the company transitions.

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Cortana Makes Windows 10 Debut in January Preview Build

After months of rumors and finally making an appearance at last week's Windows 10 press event, users can finally test Microsoft's digital assistant on the desktop.

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Why Reliable Business-Class WiFi Connections Are Hard to Find

NEWS ANALYSIS: Many WiFi products are sold to businesses and even more consumer products are used by business, but true business-class WiFi is rarer than you think.

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Enterprise Tech Videos


Microsoft acquiring Revolution Analytics in Big Data push; Logitech grows video options with ConferenceCam Connect; IT jobs more lucrative, but wage satisfaction dips; and more.

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Daily Video: Microsoft to Bundle Office With Windows 10 Phones, Tablets

Microsoft to bundle Office with Windows 10 smartphones, mini tablets; Windows 10 opens opportunities...

Daily Video: Google Reportedly Is Readying Wireless Services

Google reportedly is readying wireless services; AT&T cloud service is aimed at UC...

Daily Video: Deutsche Telekom Still Wants T-Mobile Merger to Happen

Deutsche Telekom still wants to see a T-Mobile merger happen; Acer unveils two new Chromebooks for...

Daily Video: Intel CEO Rebuts Rumors Apple Will Turn to ARM for Macs

Intel CEO dismisses rumors Apple will turn to ARM for Macs; HTC rumored to be readying M9 smartphone,...

Daily Video: Google Ends Its Google Glass Explorer Edition

Google ends Glass Explorer Edition; Microsoft brings free Skype group video calling to Samsung smart...

Daily Video: Supreme Court Wireless Decision Limits Municipal Zoning

Supreme Court wireless decision limits municipal zoning actions; 'Skeleton Key' malware lets...

Daily Video: Apple, Ericsson Countersue Over Mobile LTE Patents

Apple, Ericsson countersue over mobile LTE patents; Microsoft adds Linux support to Azure Cloud...

Daily Video: Islamic State Supporters Hack USCENTCOM Twitter Accounts

Islamic State supporters hack U.S. military command's Twitter accounts; Heartland provides breach...

Daily Video: Microsoft Blasts Google Over Windows 8.1 Flaw Disclosure

Microsoft blasts Google's handling of Windows 8.1 flaw disclosure;  EFF unveils Android-only...

Daily Video: BlackBerry Turns Its Focus to IoT, Wearables

BlackBerry turns to IoT, wearable devices; Microsoft Azure cloud updates: bigger, safer,...

HP Enhances SureStart Tech to Protect Users From BIOS Attacks

SureStart promises a self-healing PC BIOS and an "AirGap" technology, which is separated from the rest of the system to provide improved security.

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Google Reportedly Bringing Fiber to Raleigh-Durham Next

The tech giant is reportedly getting ready to launch its Google Fiber high-speed broadband Internet and TV service in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park.

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Coinbase Brings Stability, Regulation to Bitcoin

Coinbase launches a U.S.-based Bitcoin exchange that the firm believes will "bring stability and trust to the exchange space."

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