Mozilla Firefox 55 Brings Virtual Reality to the Web

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Mozilla Firefox 55 Brings Virtual Reality to the Web

The latest release of Mozilla's Firefox web browser—version 55—became generally available on Aug. 8, boasting new features and multiple security improvements. Among the new features in Firefox 55 is WebVR, which enables the use of virtual reality devices for web content. The new release also benefits from a performance boost that lets it load multiple tabs on restart faster than before. Another new feature is an integrated screenshot tool that enables users to easily take screenshots of web content. The latest release of Mozilla's open-source web browser is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. In this slide show, eWEEK details some of the new features and fixes in Firefox 55.

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Firefox 55 Restores Tabs Faster

With version 55, Mozilla has boosted the performance of Firefox in multiple ways. Among the most noticeable for end users is that the browser reloads and restores tabs on launch faster than prior versions of Firefox.

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Take Screenshots With Firefox

Firefox 55 marks the debut of Firefox Screenshots, a tool that enables users to take, save and share screenshots directly from the browser. Firefox Screenshot initially is not being made available by default to all Firefox users, but can easily be activated manually in the about:config options page in Firefox. To activate screenshots, search for "extensions.screenshots.system-disabled" and then double-click to change the value to "false."

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WebVR Brings Virtual Reality to the Web

Windows users of Firefox 55 now get WebVR by default, providing support for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headsets. WebVR is a new standard that enables users to use virtual reality devices with the web.

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Address Bar Gains Search Improvements

Mozilla has improved the Firefox address bar to provide search suggestions that appear by default. In addition, users can now search with any installed search engine directly from the address bar.

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Geolocation Security Is Improved in Firefox 55

Mozilla is closing a 3-year-old bug in Firefox's geolocation functionality that provides users' location to web content providers. Geolocation can now only be accessed by sites that use secured SSL/TLS web connections.

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WebExtension Permission Security Improved

WebExtensions provide additional add-ons and functionality for Firefox, In the new Firefox 55 release, WebExtensions can now request extra permissions from users prior to being able to access the browser.

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Flash Is Now Click to Play

In Firefox 55, Mozilla has set Adobe Flash media content to only play if a user first clicks the item.

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