Google's 10 Most Searched-for Mobile, Consumer Devices of 2017

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Google's 10 Most Searched-for Mobile, Consumer Devices of 2017

Each year, Google releases its findings for the most popular search terms. The findings provide some insight into the topics and products people were most interested in during the year. As part of that announcement, Google recently released its list of the most searched-for consumer electronics products of the year. The list includes some familiar names such as Apple and Samsung. But there were also some surprises, such the Oppo F5 smartphone from China. If anything is clear, it's that people around the world are obsessed with smartphones. There also appears to be a strong link between the products people search for and those they ultimately buy. Read on to see which devices topped Google's list of the most searched-for consumer technology products in 2017.

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Apple iPhone 8 Tops the List

The iPhone 8 was Apple's first big smartphone release of the year as well as the most popular Google technology search of the year. Apple's smartphone hit store shelves in September and continued to sell well through the end of the year keeping it at the top of Google electronics search list.

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Apple's Advanced iPhone X Couldn't Edge Out iPhone 8

Although the iPhone X was a bigger upgrade over last year’s iPhone 7 than the iPhone 8 was, it couldn’t quite beat out the iPhone 8 on Google Search. The iPhone X, which comes with a big screen that leaves no room for a physical home button, hit store shelves in November. It took more than a month before Apple was able to keep up with demand and get products to customers soon after an online order was placed.

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Nintendo Switch Sells More Than 10 Million Units

Nintendo’s wildly popular new game console, the Nintendo Switch, took the third spot in this year’s Google Search tech list. The Nintendo Switch hit store shelves in March and sold more than 10 million units in just nine months. The console is one of the most sought-after holiday gifts this year and is widely considered one of the best home consoles Nintendo has ever released.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Was Most-Searched Android Phone

Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S8 took the fourth spot in this year’s list of the top tech-related Google searches. The Android smartphone, which was released in April, has a screen that is curved on both sides and it comes with three different biometric features, including a face scanner, iris scanner and fingerprint sensor. A larger version, called the Galaxy S8+, is also available.

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Microsoft Xbox One X Is a Powerful Entertainment Console

Microsoft’s Xbox One X was able to take the fifth spot in Google’s roundup. The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s latest home console and a device that will set customers back $500. For that cost, Xbox One X owners get a console that can play games and movies in 4K. It’s also the most powerful console on the market, capable of playing some of today’s most sophisticated games. Microsoft released it in November.

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Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Goes Old School

The Nokia 3310 was a hit this year among mobile phone users who wanted an older-style smartphone as well as those who are looking for a simpler mobile experience. The Nokia 3310 comes with a numeric keypad and a touch display to access messaging, contacts and more. It’s not a high-end smartphone in any respect and is designed mostly for users to place calls. It even comes with battery life that can last up to a month.

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Razer Gets Into the Handset Business

Razer has made a name for itself as a high-end PC and peripheral producer. But in 2017, its mobile handset, the Razer Phone, took the seventh spot in Google consumer electronic search list. The Razer Phone is one of the more impressive smartphones announced in 2017, featuring a screen optimized for video games, high-end processing power with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU and two 12-megapixel cameras on its rear panel.

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Oppo F5 From China Was a Surprise Hit

Oppo is a Chinese smartphone maker that has watched its shipments soar in 2017. The low-cost device maker delivers handsets that come with surprisingly powerful features for the price. The Oppo 5F, which has a large screen, powerful processor, and impressive design, is one of them. The device quickly became a hit for Oppo and frequently showed up in Google consumer electronics searches in 2017.

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OnePlus 5 Combines Quality With Affordability

OnePlus, another Chinese smartphone vendor, took the ninth spot in Google’s 2017 tech searches with help from its OnePlus 5. Like the Oppo F5, the OnePlus 5 has a nice design and is jam-packed with powerful features, including a fast processor and good-looking screen. But it’s the affordability factor that goes with that handset that makes it a winner to so many.

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Nokia 6 Was a Hit for HMD Global

The Nokia 6 smartphone took the final spot in Google’s list of the top-ten most-searched-for consumer technology products in 2017. Like so many of the other smartphones in this roundup, the Nokia 6 has several nice features, including a 5.5-inch full-HD screen and a 16-megapixel camera. It's been a breakout hit this year for HMD Global the Nokia-affiliated Finnish company that licenses the brand name.

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