Samsung Designing Galaxy S8 Active With Military-Grade Ruggedness

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Samsung Designing Galaxy S8 Active With Military-Grade Ruggedness

Soon enough, a third high-end Samsung smartphone will join the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on store shelves. The new handset, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, has been designed as a more rugged version of the S8 model lineup and is expected to launch before we move too deeply into summer. The Galaxy S8 Active will reportedly come with the same power and software array as the Galaxy S8, but won’t have curved edges around the display. Although its cameras might match the Galaxy S8’s, the Galaxy S8 Active will come with all the ruggedness its predecessors lack. The Galaxy S8 Active could prove a popular option for field workers or anyone who drops their smartphones all too often. Read on to learn more.

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Where Did the Curves Go?

Although Samsung hasn’t confirmed the Galaxy S8 Active’s design, an image recently leaked by the Wireless Power Consortium shows a handset without a curved screen. It supports several rumors that Samsung is planning a flat-screen for the Galaxy S8 Active.

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Display Size Will Be the Same as the Galaxy S8

Although the Galaxy S8 Active’s screen might not be curved, it is expected to measure the same size—5.8 inches—as the Galaxy S8. Additionally, Samsung is rumored to be planning quad-HD resolution and might offer an 18.5:9 aspect ratio for the screen.

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Reports Say It's Designed With Military-Grade Ruggedness

The Galaxy S8 Active could differentiate by its protective features. According to several reports, the handset could have military-grade protection against shattering or damaging internal components when dropped from up to 6 feet. It also is expected to be both liquid- and dust-resistant.

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Don’t Expect a Physical Home Button

According to several rumors, the Galaxy S8 Active will not have a home button. Rather, like the Galaxy S8, the smartphone will have a virtual home button and small bezels. Removing the physical button allows Samsung to offer a larger screen and preserve the widescreen aspect ratio.

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It Will Run Android Nougat

Samsung isn’t changing the software experience in the Galaxy S8 Active. The smartphone will run on Android Nougat and come with Samsung’s redesigned software skin, just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Also, look for the Galaxy S8 Active to support Samsung’s many apps including Bixby, Galaxy Apps and others.

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It Will Support Fast and Wireless Charging

The Galaxy S8 Active will support USB-C and come with fast-charging capabilities, according to several reports. The smartphone will also include wireless charging support that could boost its charge in just a few minutes.

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It Will Run the Bixby Digital Assistant

Samsung plans to include Bixby in the Galaxy S8 Active. Users can use Bixby to create calendar events and to-do lists, and also point their camera at items to receive actionable information, such as nutritional information or where to purchase the item. Bixby also can be used as a translator, among other features.

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There's No Dual-Lens Camera

Samsung was criticized for not offering a dual-lens rear-facing camera in the Galaxy S8 and there are no plans to offer it in the Galaxy S8 Active, according to reports. Samsung is expected to keep a single rear-facing lens and offer the dual-lens solution in the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

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It Will Have Top-of-the-Line Snapdragon Processor

Samsung isn’t skimping on the Galaxy S8 Active’s power. The company reportedly is using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB of RAM in the device. Samsung also is planning high-end graphics performance and could opt for 64GB of storage.

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The Galaxy S8 Active Will Arrive in Summertime

Pricing and availability information is scarce, since Samsung hasn’t even confirmed the handset’s existence yet. However, most reports suggest the Galaxy S8 Active will cost around the same price—$750—as the Galaxy S8. Though an official launch date hasn’t been announced, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8 Active over the summer.

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