Looking For Work? Try Online Video

By Donald Sears  |  Posted 2010-08-31

If you are looking for technology work, you might consider one of the fastest-growing areas: delivering content over the Internet with video. According to Frost & Sullivan analyst Dan Rayburn, the market for online video in everything from content delivery networks to Flash development to HTML5 experts to product managers is expected to grow from $800 million in 2010 to $1.4 billion by 2012.

What's really interesting about this area is that there are many dependent areas, including video advertising, integrated content management systems, and specific hardware and software platforms designed for online video (think storage and data management).

In a recent post on his Streamingmedia.com blog, Rayburn discovered over 300 jobs for the month of August alone.

The range of company types Rayburn lists is impressive because of its variety. Does it help to have some experience in this niche? Of course, but transferable skills in networking, project management, quality assurance and software engineering are all hot skills in need in this burgeoning area of technology.

Rayburn told Dice.com he sees high demand for database programmers, encoding technicians, SQL and C++ developers. Other skills related to video include Python, Java, ActionScript, and large databases like Apache's Hadoop and Gluster.

"Every year consumers consume more video content on more devices for longer periods of time and at a higher quality, which is fueling the market," Rayburn told Dice.

And don't forget the internal use in large corporations taking advantage of training and conferencing opportunities with IP-based video. This is one area Rayburn believes is poised for continued growth.

At a 30 percent clip of growth annually, online video and streaming technology work is worthy of your job-seeking attention.

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