Small and Big Cities See Major Tech Hiring Gains

By Donald Sears  |  Posted 2010-05-31

Job demand in California's capital city is up, according to the Sacramento Bee. Not known as a technology hub for jobs, it is a good sign to hear about smaller cities like Sacramento see an uptick in demand for technology talent.

At more than 500 open information technology positions [on the Dice job board for Sacramento], the numbers are up by half from the same time last year.

"The tech job market in Sacramento has improved significantly," Silver [Tom Silver, VP at Dice] said. "We are seeing solid demand for engineers, project managers and programmers."

Locally, officials at SARTA, the Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance, see the same uptick in hiring.

"Our data is consistent with (Dice)," said SARTA Chief Executive Officer Meg Arnold. "We're hearing more talk of companies adding positions, ramping up and expanding."

Other areas of the country like Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina are also seeing technology job demand increases. Austin and Raleigh are known for being smaller tech hubs due to the proximity to universities and colleges. Companies in these cities are vying for talent as hiring heats up in Silicon Valley, New York and other large metropolitan areas.

Postings rose even more dramatically in traditional tech centers such as Washington, D.C., New York and Silicon Valley, where job postings increased 68 percent from the same time last year. The three metro areas represent nearly a third of the website's available tech jobs.

Tech is on the comeback.

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