Free the Airwaves and Make Google Happy

By Eric Lundquist  |  Posted 2008-08-18

"Free the airwaves" is one of those feel-good mottos that it seems like everyone should agree to. I mean, who put those airwaves in jail in the first place? Well, in this case it was the government regulators who were putting some space between wave signals to prevent one station from stepping on another. I mean if you were getting your Playboy channel interfered with, by, let's say, C-SPAN, I bet you want to get those errant airwaves back in jail.

Google upped the ante today by starting a "Free the Airwaves" campaign to open up the roped-off analog-driven regulations for television now that full digital is about to descend on all of us, even those still using rabbit ears.

In March I said worrying about airwave bumping is so last century in a digital era. Anyways, sign the Google petition if you want to join the campaign in calling for something that should not have been regulated in the first place. Meanwhile, I think I'll start a "Free the Ocean Waves" campaign. I mean, those shallow waves following the big surfing waves are just being wasted and could be put to better use, I'm sure.

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