The New iPad in the Enterprise

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2012-03-07

When it ships on March 16th, the new iPad will have a wide ranging wireless capabilities and greater integration with Apple’s iCloud online storage service making it tempting for endusers and challenging for IT managers.

The iPad (the new one announced on March 7 and referred to by Apple as “the new iPad”) can now function as a wireless hotspot and uses the latest version of iOS 5.1 to seamlessly work with the no-cost iCloud service to automatically store content and then push it to any other Apple device that is connected via the same account..

These two features make the latest iPad a good consumer device but a challenge for organizations that deal with regulated data or need to ensure secure network access.

When I get a review unit, I’ll be looking at ways to manage the mobile device features such that the class-leading iPad tablet works well in both a personal capacity while providing the data protection controls that enterprise users need to honor.

Worldwide Radio, Personal Hotspot The enhanced wireless and cellular capabilities of the new iPad mean that it will be used in more places around the world and that it will be able to provide hotspot connectivity to other devices. I’ll be looking at ways to help IT managers ensure that these new wireless technologies are used for good while still providing end users with the “it just works” experience for which Apple products are known.

Separation of Duties When it comes to dual use of the iPad, I’ll be looking for ways to ensure that the corporate and personal data can be segregated and controlled. The increased integration with iCloud means I’ll be looking at ways to use the service to ensure that sensitive corporate data isn’t shared inappropriately.

Follow the Money Finally, I’ll be looking at how organizations can provide employee access to approved apps while streamlining the acquisition process.

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