VMware Moves to Manage More

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2011-10-18

VMware is marching down the management path by integrating previously separate tools and introducing new suites.

Released today, vCenter Operations Management Suite, vFabric Application Management Suite and IT Business Management Suite should help enterprise users maintain efficient use of IT infrastructure.

vCenter Operations Management Suite (previously called vCenter Operations Manager) now combines previously separate capacity, performance and configuration management features into a single install and console. vFabric Application Management Suite enables application deployment on virtual and cloud infrastructures. IT Business Management Suite should make it easier for IT to show the business side of the house IT costs and service level metrics.

I'll get the products into eWEEK Labs for a closer look, but as I wrote on 10/10/2011, management tools are only going to gain importance in virutal and cloud environments.

I'm espcially insterested in the newly combined vCenter Operations Management Suite (vCCOMS). From an operations point of view, showing capacity, performance and configuration on the same console makes sense. I'm especially interested in comparing the predictions of the capacity tool to the actual needs of my test infrastructure. If the capacity feature proves to be accurate, it could go a long way towards helping IT managers establish new budget formulas just in time to fine tune calendar year spending projections.

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