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  • This week, Microsoft released Bletchley to its blockchain-as-a-service ecosystem and a toolkit for deploying containerized HPC workloads.

  • Industry watchers want to know: How could a news-messaging cloud service augment the Salesforce core business of customer-relationship management?

  • Google is hoping to compete in the crowded mobile messaging application market with Allo. The app, which Google released Sept. 20, is available on both Android and iOS. In its listing in the Apple App Store and Google Play, the search giant calls Allo a "smart messaging" app that uses artificial intelligence to deliver a better chatting experience. The app offers a smart reply function that allows users to respond to a text message without ever typing. The app also can analyze what's being said and offer suggestions on what to say next. Plus, Google Assistant is baked into the software, giving users the option to ask for and discover local points of interest or decent spots to eat. At its core, Google Allo is a chatting application that includes familiar features such as emojis, big text bubbles and an incognito mode for secure conversations. But it's also a more intelligent take on messaging—and one that could challenge entrenched competitors such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Read on to learn more about Google's free Allo messaging app.

  • New technology developed by Fujitsu Labs is designed to help neural networks scale and learn more quickly by streamlining GPU internal memory.

  • Cloud@Customer introduced at Open World uses the exact same software as is running in the Oracle public cloud. Oracle provides all the hardware and the updates.

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3 debuts as the company backs the new OCID project to build a new container engine for Kubernetes.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Oracle wants to become what IBM, the original Hewlett-Packard and Dell EMC once aspired to be: the true one-stop shop for all of your enterprise IT needs.

  • The alliance with Salesforce is another example of Cisco's strategy to use partnerships with other top-tier vendors in its push into growing markets.

  • The company teams with T-Systems International, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, to deliver cloud services to the country's data privacy-conscious businesses.

  • Users can now search for content on Google Drive just the same as they do with Google Search.

  • As organizations continue to move into the cloud, opportunities abound in reselling email and productivity apps. They're massively sticky, and they create strong customer loyalty. The gold standard, of course, is Microsoft Office 365, by far the most widely used productivity and collaboration toolset on the market today. But, as most managed service providers (MSPs) know, it's hard to make enough revenue to keep afloat simply by selling subscriptions to Office 365. Making real money with Office 365 requires finding ways to turn those subscriptions into long-term revenue sources. Organizations don't have to be Tier-1 Microsoft partners to offer support for Office 365 and benefit from the subsequent customer growth possibilities. Instead, MSPs can leverage partner programs, such as the Office 365 Reseller and Referral Program from Rackspace, to offer managed services for Office 365 to customers while tapping into Microsoft expertise from a Tier-2 Microsoft partner. This eWEEK slide show highlights five ways MSPs can derive recurring revenue from reselling Office 365, including owning the customer relationship, controlling margins and bundling value-added products and services.

  • IBM announced the opening of a cloud data center in Oslo, Norway, marking the company's 48th global cloud center, 12th in Europe and first in the Nordic region.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Oracle believes it can steadily catch up to Amazon Web Services by building a new generation bare-metal, hyperscale cloud infrastructure.

  • Firefox 49 fixes 18 flaws, including one already fixed in the Tor Browser. Mozilla formally removed support for Firefox Hello as part of the Firefox 49 release.

  • The Oracle co-founder used most of his keynote at OracleWorld to criticize Amazon's cloud service, claiming it's less powerful and more costly than Oracle's.

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