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  • Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated container management service now available in all six Google Cloud Platform regions worldwide.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: While the idea of a cashier-free store has its charms, the Amazon Go concept won’t result in mass firings of supermarket employees anytime soon.


  • Microsoft could close it's $26 billion acquisition of the LinkIn social network within days now that the European Commission has approved the deal.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Enraged by fake news story, a man fires a rifle three time into a pizza restaurant in the U.S. capital, bringing urgency to efforts to find ways to rein in false rumor stories circulating on the internet.

  • The December 2016 update includes capabilities called Relationship Insights helps sales professionals build productive customer contacts. 

  • Months after the experimental Tay failed after users took advange of its AI-enabled technology to goad the chatbot into spewing offensive comments,  Microsoft is trying again with a new chatbot called Zo.

  • Users of the Amazon Go app simply check in to a store equipped for the system, shop to their hearts' content, then leave when they're finished. No waiting to pay.

  • The cloud has become exceedingly popular in the enterprise, allowing employees to be more productive by delivering convenient access to applications and data on the internet. But in its second-annual Cloud Security Survey, which includes responses from more than 600 IT professionals, IT security company Netwrix found the IT side still has reservations about the cloud. The company’s findings suggest that cloud security and privacy are still major worries for IT professionals, and some continue to balk at the idea of moving all of their computing infrastructure to the web. In addition, Netwrix found that IT professionals are hobbled by small budgets and say employees are proving to be a bigger risk to corporate cloud security than cyber-attackers. The study not only illustrates the strong concerns about cloud adoption among IT professionals, but also suggests the business side isn’t listening, as cloud adoption is soaring despite IT’s concerns. This slide show will cover the survey findings and IT managers' persistent reservations cloud computing.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Amazon Web Services made 28 announcements about new cloud solutions and enhancements over two days during its re:Invent conference as it continues to expand its infrastructure.

  • In coming months, all users on the latest version of Box will be able to utilize the new Excel search and preview feature set.

  • The annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent conference has emerged in recent years to become the largest cloud computing event in the world. At the AWS 2016 re:Invent show, held Nov. 28-Dec. 1 in Las Vegas, Amazon announced a long list of new services and capabilities to further expand the things enterprises can do in the cloud. The new services were announced during two days of keynotes, from AWS CEO Andy Jassy and AWS CTO Werner Vogels. The single-biggest item to cross the keynote stage at the Venetian Hotel was an 18-wheel trailer truck that AWS calls The Snowmobile, capable of transporting a staggering 100 petabytes (PB) of data. The Snowmobile is an expansion of the Snowball Cloud data loading effort announced at re:Invent 2015, providing a comparatively smaller 50 terabytes (TB) of data transfer. Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a key theme this year as well, including the new Lex service for building conversational interfaces using text and voice that's based on Amazon Alexa. Additionally, Amazon Polly extends AI services in the cloud with a text-to-natural human speech engine that has 47 different available voices. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the new services announced at re:Invent 2016.

  • "We're making new services that let builders prepare and operate their applications more quickly and efficiently, and respond to changes in their business," CTO Vogels said.

  • Anyone can use its Network Time Protocol servers to accommodate extra second that will be added to world clocks this Dec. 31, company says.

  • ALE Rainbow provides a set of cloud-based communication services (web, PBX, chat and others) with high-end features.

  • HPE sells its OpenStack cloud and Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-Service technologies to SUSE.

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