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  • Microsoft works to provide its customers with attack-resistant cloud services, advanced search capabilities and streamlined application logins.

  • SAP gives S/4HANA Cloud a machine-learning boost, enabling customers to make informed decisions from mountains of ERP data.

  • Since VxRail appliances launched last February, Dell EMC said it has sold more than 8,000 VxRail nodes to more than 1,000 customers.

  • Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform as a service used by businesses of all sizes to provide their computing infrastructure and run important applications, is growing fast, according to a new survey from cloud services company NetEnrich. In its survey of more than 80 IT professionals who work for large and midmarket enterprises, NetEnrich found that many companies are running at least a part of their computing infrastructure on Azure. They also report that they’re increasingly relying on Azure to support mission-critical solutions. Those companies have found Azure provides cost savings and business-continuity features that are invaluable for their operations. Furthermore, business operation managers have discovered that Azure frees up time and resources that the IT department can use to work on other important business initiatives, with the potential to increase revenue and profits. The NetEnrich study helps explain why Microsoft reported that Azure generated $6.9 billion in its second fiscal quarter. NetEnrich estimates the service’s usage will explode in the coming years. Check out this slide show to learn the details.

  • Google's Cloud Spanner service blends the best features of relational systems and NoSQL databases to provide transactional consistency and high scalability.

  • Despite Yahoo's security issues, Verizon plunges ahead with the deal in order to expand its multi-channel advertising reach using Yahoo and AOL assets.

  • The companies team up to establish Blockchain Nodes in Frankfurt and Singapore, with a New York location to follow.

  • Amazon’s efforts to expand its presence in the enterprise are once again in the spotlight after it introduced the Amazon Chime web conference and collaboration service on Feb. 13. The service, which is available for free to small work teams but carries a per-user-per-month subscription fee for larger organizations, is a full-featured communications platform that includes video conferences, audio conferences and chat rooms. Users are even able to share files through the service. Since it works on PCs, Macs and mobile devices, Chime is accessible just about anywhere. Amazon is admittedly entering an exceedingly competitive market dominated by the likes of Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Skype. But Amazon is betting that its service, delivered from its global cloud service, will provide a reliable service that attracts small businesses as well as large enterprises. This slide show will look at the features of Amazon Chime to see if it can stand up to the long-entrenched online conferencing competition. Read on to learn more.

  • Google Cloud Endpoints is a management suite that will enable enterprises to manage and secure cloud Application Programming Interfaces better, company says.

  • Salesforce says it's using artificial intelligence to help contact centers respond more efficiently to customers.

  • Instapaper is a popular online service for users to save content, like online articles, for future reading on mobile devices. But on Feb. 8, users who had hoped to start saving or accessing content for the day discovered they couldn’t. In a blog post, Instapaper said that its service suffered an outage caused by a database error. While the company was able to get the service back up and running on Feb. 9, Instapaper said that archived content saved before Dec. 20 of last year would not be accessible. Now days later, the archives are still unavailable, leaving many to wonder when the service might be fully restored or if they have permanently lost their archived data. For its part, Instapaper has said that it’s working feverishly to get the data back and reassured users that none of the archived articles were lost. Still, the outage shines a bright light on cloud storage, proper database scaling and how applications interact with these databases. This slide show will discuss the technical side of Instapaper’s embarrassing failure.

  • Microsoft introduced several new capabilities, product offerings and analytics tools that help customers thwart today's cyber-security threats.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Storage and data protection have come from far behind the other key components of IT--computing and networking--to catch up in terms of innovation.

  • Another hardware partner joins Microsoft in helping customers run a little piece of the Azure cloud in their own data centers.

  • Google announces that videographers now have a way to instantly share their videos with audiences using their mobile YouTube app.


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