Samsung Rips iPhone Fans in Clever Galaxy S II Ad

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2011-11-24 Print this article Print

Samsung has made its mobile attack on Apple personal, poking fun at iPhone fanboys and fangirls in a clever ad for its Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung's self-described "aggressive" campaign, called "The Next Big Thing is Already Here," is a TV and online campaign that began running on Facebook Nov. 23.

Normally when Apple and Samsung engage in competitive jousts, they attack each other's speeds and feeds. This time, Samsung upped the hostility level a few notches by portraying iPhone fans as -- there's no way to put this mildly -- overzealous douchebags.

How else are we to view people standing in line for 9 hours for a phone, is Samsung's not-too-oblique suggestion.

But don't take it from me. See the ad--which does manage to tout the S II's larger screen size and 4G LTE speeds over the iPhone--for yourself.

I know, I know. My first reaction upon seeing this clip was to just laugh. When I played it again, it occurred to me that Samsung just mocked the 130 million-plus iPhone users, or at least the really religious ones who boast about standing in line for hours.

That includes people like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who boasted about being first in line to buy the new iPhone 4S, as well as guys like Robert Scoble, who has also bested hundreds of people to be the first to procure both iPads the last two years.

Samsung also took a shot at Apple's reputation as a maker of devices for "creative" types, a meme that started with Macintosh computers for graphic artists.

In a way, that's also an attack on the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, who espoused the notion of devices that tapped liberal arts and science for creative types.

The gloves have been off between Samsung and Apple for a while, but Samsung's fists just got broken and bloodied with these ads.

A 60-second television spot of this ad will also air during the Thanksgiving Day NFL games on FOX and CBS, and on Saturday during televised college football.15- and 30-second versions of the ad will run on the major broadcast and cable networks from now until Christmas Day. |

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