Andy Patrizio

Andy Patrizio is an industry-leading tech journalist focusing on B2B emerging tech.

What Is Data Analytics? Your Guide to Data Analytics

Data analytics is the computational analysis of data, statistics, or other forms of information to extract knowledge, patterns of behavior or other forms of actionable insight. Through data analytics, a...

Top AI Startups

AI startups represent the next generation of AI – these young companies innovating in field that it itself seeing innovations at every level. AI startups come in many shapes and...

The Data Security Market: Key Strategies

The key strategies in the data security market are all designed to protect digital information from unauthorized access, corruption, or theft. These strategies focus on both accidental loss and...

The AI Market: An Overview

If there's a leading technology of the current era, artificial intelligence (AI) is clearly a top contender. The hype is constant and flows from all quarters. AI's role in...

30 Robotics Startups to Watch

Robotics doesn’t get the attention and hype that artificial intelligence (AI) gets, which is somewhat ironic, as the two often go hand in hand. For instance, Roomba, one of...

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