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Building Observability for Cloud Data Platforms

The cloud presents businesses with increased opportunities to make the most out of their data. In the cloud, there is more data coming in from more sources, and businesses can leverage that data to fuel innovation. But to leverage their data, businesses need to prioritize building observability into data pipelines. Effective observability of data pipelines […]

Why Good Data Proves Critical for an AI-Powered Cybersecurity Future

In the Spy vs. Spy universe of security teams and cyber criminals, the good guys and the bad guys are constantly preparing themselves for another day of battle. But instead of blasting dynamite and chucking bombs, they’re both equipping themselves with the same tool these days: artificial intelligence (AI). Demand from both sides is driving […]

What to Hunt for in Your Cloud Environment

Cloud security can be complex. But it doesn’t have to be. As organisations move towards cloud environments, it is often uncertain what security measures need to be taken, or indeed how processes should be introduced. A change in Cloud configurations and administration means that there are many new opportunities for adversaries to detect vulnerabilities, and […]

How to Turn Security and Compliance From a Tug of War Into the Dream Team

Perhaps once distinct teams within organizations, security and compliance functions today go hand-in-hand — or at least they should, writes Sumo Logic CSO George Gerchow. Data breaches continue to wreak havoc on today’s enterprise, with rising stakes of both cost and reputation. To help combat this challenge, we’re seeing more government regulations across industries create […]

How to keep your apps safe and accelerate release cycles (Guide: Application security)

Your step-by-step guide to implementing application security best practices Applications are critical to the success of any business. Keeping them secure takes work. Integrating security throughout the software development lifecycle is essential to addressing cybersecurity issues before they happen. In this guide, “How to keep your apps safe and accelerate release cycles” we review the […]

100% visibility from day one (Case study: SoSafe)

Download case study About Founded in 2018, SoSafe is a leading cybersecurity awareness company in the DACH region with 300+ employees rapidly growing across five office locations that serve its more than 2,500 customers and 1.7 billion users. 100% visibility from day one Challenge DevOps and security teams needed to unify telemetry to maximize their […]

Monitor and secure 10,000 clouds (Case study: HashiCorp)

About HashiCorp’s suite of multi-cloud infrastructure automation products underpin the most important applications for the largest enterprises in the world, supporting thousands of customers. They have open source and commercial offerings for HashiCorp Terraform, Vault, Consul, Nomad, and also maintain open source projects for HashiCorp Vagrant, Packer, Boundary, and Waypoint. Their open source products are […]

How to right-size security for small and emerging teams

It’s not just established enterprises, all businesses are increasingly targeted in cyberattacks. Are you ready to address the vulnerabilities in your environment? Download the eBook now! Emerging security teams don’t have the same resources and dedicated cybersecurity expertise as established SOCs in enterprises. The following issues often hamper emerging security teams when building out their […]

How security and performance redefine banking (Case study: Standard Chartered nexus)

Standard Chartered nexus is a white-label Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution powered by Standard Chartered. By embedding financial products directly on mass digital ecosystems, customers can enjoy easy access to financial services, such as digital savings accounts, personal loans, and other targeted financial solutions that were previously unavailable to them. Get a demo Download study Challenge Standard […]

6 Best Practices for Implementing Marketing Resource Management: Infographic

Check out this informative infographic to learn Wrike’s six best practices for implementing marketing resource management!