Bary Alyssa Johnson

Net Neutrality Alternative Proposed

The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has published a report that addresses the increasingly controversial issue of net neutrality currently making waves on Capitol Hill, in order to...

How to Build a Better Product—Study People

Did you ever imagine the worlds largest chip maker may ride the train into work with you to find out how mobility could be improved? Product development has historically been...

Coalition Sounds Off on Net Neutrality Legislation

Vint Cerf, so-called "father" of the Internet, is among the big names and organizations that have come together to create the Coalition, which hosted a national conference call...

Netgear Ships 802.11n Routers

Last week, Marvell and Netgear unveiled Marvells next-generation TopDog wireless LAN platform, which was designed for the recently approved 802.11n specification. Marvell has partnered with Netgear to ship a line...

IRS Rule Changes Could Expose Your Tax Info

The IRS has stirred controversy with a proposal, here in PDF form, to loosen rules regarding electronic disclosure of private taxpayer information to outside parties. Current provisions in tax code...

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