Brenna Miles

Brenna Miles is a Contributing Writer for eWeek. She is an experienced technology journalist who has long covered emerging enterprise IT, from artificial intelligence to cloud computing to data analytics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance

Artificial intelligence, in its many forms, could greatly benefit the finance industry. However, there are some hurdles financial institutions will need to jump first.

AI Courses: Learn AI With These Top 10 Courses

Artificial intelligence courses are a crucial tool for training a workforce for lucrative jobs in a fast-growing sector. Clearly, artificial intelligence has become necessary for scaling organizations across all industries....

Predictive Analytics Best Practices

Predictive analytics is the use of data and other tech tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to predict future outcomes. Predictive analytics uses historical data to...

What Is Data Governance?

Data governance refers to the people, processes, and policies that are in place to effectively create, use, store, and secure company data. Data governance is critical for any organization...

What Is Descriptive Analytics?

Descriptive analytics is the most basic form of data analytics. A quick Google search will show that this type is most commonly used to answer the question “what” or...

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