Brian Livingston

Protect Your E-Mail Address

Like most e-mail users, you probably get a ton of unsolicited messages, and you may be getting more and more every month. Filtering software can help you sort out...

A Smarter Identity

Viruses. Worms. Spam. Identity theft. What do all these things have in common (besides the fact that you hate them)? The people behind these crimes dont want to be...

Google Grumbles is such a sacred cow in the search business that I hate to be anything other than worshipful. But its beginning to appear that Googles results pages have...

The Future of E-Mail

Wouldnt it be great if you could get rid of the lions share of your e-mail but still get a coherent flow of the information you need? Some companies...

ASP Musical Chairs

Remember ASPs? Providing applications remotely to enterprises, usually over the Internet, was once a hot business model, but it cooled off fast. Survivors are emerging, though, and its beginning...

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