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Bluetooth Gets Some Teeth

Ever-optimistic backers of Bluetooth are pinning their hopes on advances they claim will help make the nascent wireless protocol cheaper and easier to combine with other, more popular wireless...

Teen Girls Play with Technology at IBM Camp

On a recent August afternoon, 30 adolescent girls sat captivated in a conference room at IBMs Watson Research Center in Cambridge, Mass. Wide-eyed, they watched a scientist from M.I.T....

Pilot Turns 10; Palm at Crossroads

In March 2005, when Mark Bercow returned to an executive position at handheld computing vendor Palm after a four-year hiatus, he found his employer was now sleeping with the...

Airvana Aims to Bridge Gap Between Cellular, IP Networks

Cellular network infrastructure provider Airvana is set to launch a new gateway that will let wireless carriers extend their services beyond a cellular network.The Universal Access Gateway supports both...

Newbury Networks to Unveil Asset Tracking Tools for Wi-Fi

Newbury Networks on March 20 will unveil a couple of new products designed to help customers keep track of their assets and their employees via a Wi-Fi network.The Newbury...

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