Carol Pinchefsky

FCC to Investigate D-Block Auction

The Federal Communications Commission will investigate complaints that a contractor tried to extort potential bidders for a block of the spectrum set aside for emergency responders, and doomed the...

Spectrum Auction Process Disputed

The 700MHz spectrum auction ended March 18 after 50 days of bidding, taking in $19.6 billion for the federal government, even though the D block-reserved for emergency access by...

Ethical Concerns Swirl Around D Block Spectrum Auction

A portion of the wireless spectrum, for which bidding closed March 18, failed to meet the government's reserve price.Now, public interest groups and members of Congress are urging the...

Sun Completes $1B Buyout of MySQL

Sun Microsystems officials said they are ready to start working with MySQL customers and developers after finalizing its $1 billion acquisition of the open-source database software company.Sun CEO and...

Surprises in Spectrum Bidding

Which is more surprising? That Chevron, an oil company awash in cash, could become a wireless carrier?Or that Paul Allen, the multibillionaire Microsoft co-founder, may be planning to boost...

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