Caron Carlson

Carriers Join on Local Network Proposal

BellSouth Corp. and Time Warner Telecom Inc. went to the government last week with a joint proposal to resolve a long-standing industry dispute over access to the local telephone...

Lucent Boosts Services Profile

The Bell Labs component of Lucent Technologies Inc. has unveiled research in progress focusing on ways to recover wasted bandwidth, help service providers reduce operating expenses and, in turn,...

Toll Lane Ahead for Internet Traffic?

Collier County, which is tucked in the southwest tip of hurricane-prone Florida, reaches deep into the Internet for its taxpaying customers: culling weather data to prepare for the frequent...

House Committee Rejects Strong Net Neutrality Protections

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce rejected a bid April 26 to include strong network neutrality protections in a telecommunications reform bill that is slated for a vote...

Remediation Software Automatically Detects Malware

To help ISPs reduce the cost of dealing with customers whose computers become infected with malware, Simplicita unveiled software that automatically detects and quarantines infected computers. According to Frank Bergen,...

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