Chris Winter

Chris Winter is the Director of Product Management for SonicWALL. Chris has managed data storage and security products for over 20 years. Working closely with customers and partners, Chris has architected innovative solutions that have delivered secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery to both small businesses and enterprise customers. Having lived and worked on four continents, Chris is finely-attuned to the differing needs of different geographies. Prior to SonicWALL, Chris managed security appliance solutions for NeoScale Systems, which encrypted tape backups and disks for enterprise customers. While at NeoScale (first acquired by nCipher and then by Thales), Chris designed and architected an encrypting NAS server. In the process, he submitted five patents for security techniques that he developed. Chris is an expert in high availability computing and disaster recovery, and comes from a deep technical background where he managed teams of up to 30 leading-edge engineers. He can be reached at

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