Dave Olander

Dave Olander is President and CEO at Xceedium. Dave assumed the President and CEO position in January 2010. Prior to that, Dave served as senior vice president of engineering. A seasoned executive, Dave joined Xceedium from netForensics where he was vice president of engineering. At netForensics, Dave led strategic development of their security information management product family. Prior to netForensices, Dave was at Raritan where he instituted new engineering processes to accelerate delivery of Raritan's second-generation digital KVM switch. Dave has over 25 years of senior leadership experience and product engineering management with HP, AT&T Bell Laboratories, BEA, Novell, UNIX System Laboratories and Improv Technologies. Dave's product experiences span UNIX operating systems, middleware platforms, out-of-band access solutions, and security software. Dave holds a Master's degree in Computer, Information and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Clarkson University. He can be reached at dolander@xceedium.com.

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