Davis D. Janowski

Davis D. Janowski is Lead Analyst for Web Applications and Software, charged with covering the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and millions of other Internet and Web companies. Prior to this, he served as Section Editor for Consumer Networking, GPS Products, Phones & PDAs (Mobile and VoIP), Associate Editor for Networking Infrastructure, and Associate Editor for Internet Infrastructure. Before joining PC Magazine, Janowski worked as a medical editor, covering epidemiology and infectious diseases, receiving training at the Centers for Disease Control. At one point, he acted as guide for a CDC team, collecting ticks for a study on the origins of human ehrlichiosis in the Florida bush. Before that he made a very modest living as a freelance writer and photographer, covering scuba diving and nautical archaeology.

Simply Hired

Two years ago, the stresses and challenges of finding jobs drove the founders of Simply Hired (www.simplyhired.com) to create the site and its service—both dedicated to job seekers. The...

Windows Live Messenger Delivers

Longtime fans of MSN Messenger rejoice: Youve got an all-new, fresh-out-of-beta descendant to start using as your new communications hub. Whether its text-messaging, voice calls, or video chats, the...

FeedDemon 2.0 Smokes the Competition

Beauty is not alone in the eye of the beholder—ugly is there too. Behold most RSS aggregator/readers, and youll get an eyeful of ugly. Not so with FeedDemon 2.0. It starts with...

Skype 2.0 Beta Launches

As those at Skype are fond of reporting, many millions of Web surfers worldwide have downloaded the companys client; indeed, its available in 27 languages. A few million of...

Switch-Based WLAN Systems

Though standalone access points are often the method of choice for setting up wireless networks for the office, some businesses turn instead to switch-based systems because of the higher-level...

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