Deb Perelman

There’s a Reason People Don’t Trust the IT Department

Every so often, an article or study comes out that strives to make IT look bad, either ineffective or a misguided use of corporate dollars. And every so often,...

Women Continue to Leave CS Degree Programs

While the percentage of women in science and engineering programs at universities is slowly increasing, their representation continues to slip in CS (computer science) programs.Fifteen percent of Bachelor CS...

Demand for Business-Tech Integrators Causing SOA Job Surge

Working in IT barely resembles what it did one and two decades ago, which creates an ever-shifting set of demands placed on IT professionals."Twenty years ago, we'd visit companies...

Steep Penalty for Alleged H-1B Scammer

Bail of $800,000 was set for an Edison, N.J., zoning board member arrested June 10 and charged with conducting an immigration racket between January 2002 and June 2008 through...

E-mail Distraction Costing $650B a Year

Has technology created a monster? E-mail--once a breakthrough in silent, speedy, low-cost communication technology that so seamlessly fits into the information worker's day it barely goes noticed in 2008--is...

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