Guy Kewney

Mobile Operators Keep Mum on Lost Revenue

Its traditional for the mobile operators to stay away from Barcelona. Well, it may become traditional; this is, after all, the first time we have had a 3GSM Congress...

The Ghost at the Party

HTC, once known as High Tech Computer, is now Britains newest mobile phone maker. Yes, were talking about the inventor of the first successful Pocket PC—the iPaq. Of course, the...

Termination Charges Come Under Attack

What do phone company managers dream about? Terminators. Not good dreams. I know exactly what these nightmares are. They involve regulators. Horrible, fierce regulators with multiple language qualifications, legal knowledge and...

Addicted to Phones, for Now

Could we really lose our addiction to mobile phones? Im pretty certain were hooked. Really, truly certain. But ... the trouble with being certain is that you can remember...

Haptic Phones Cause Good Vibrations

Feedback can be useful. Without it, your virtual motorbike can come off the road, and youll never know. With a good actuator, however, you can tell when you hit...

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