Ira Apfel

Workstation Project Takes Off at Vandenberg

How do you make hundreds of changes to 500 desktop workstations without touching them? That was the seemingly Zen-like challenge for Mike DeBruin, senior systems engineer with RS Information Systems,...

Distributor Tosses Paper for Digital

When the time came for California Distribution to upgrade its copiers, David Friday wanted more than just photocopying capability. His company based its performance and reputation on accurate record...

Tax Publisher Learns a Harsh Lesson

Nearly everyone dreads missing the annual April 15 deadline for filing their personal income tax return. Companies that provide tax information to tax professionals hate missing the deadline even...

Calpine Gets Power Over Its Data

Calpine, an independent power producer with 102 sites across the country, is required to conduct network compliance audits for regulators. Nearly a year ago, however, Calpines infrastructure engineering manager,...

Manufacturer Embraces New CRM System

For too many years, hardware and software manufacturer Kingway CAPS was the victim of its own antiquated technology, juggling paper reports and several versions of two out-of-date customer tracking...

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