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In addition to her work in security governance, Ms. Allen is the author of “The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices” (Addison-Wesley, June 2001) and the “CERT Podcast Series: Security for Business Leaders” (2006-2008). She is a co-author of “Software Security Engineering: A Guide for Project Managers” (Addison-Wesley, May 2008).

How to Cut Expenses with Technology

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_%282%29.jpgJust in case you didn't get the memo, it's official: you have to cut costs now. Here are seven ways technology can help. They may not apply to every...

How to Improve Sales Forecasting

Fans of the Fox television series "House," a medical drama starring cynical but effective Dr. Gregory House, will recognize his catchphrase, "Everybody lies." Like other good one-liners, it rings...

How to Use Board Portals to Enhance Corporate Governance

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_%282%29.jpgPeople often wonder what technology has to do with corporate governance, and how any piece of software can assist in matters of ethics and oversight. In fact, there are...

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