John Carrow

John Carrow joined Unisys as Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Worldwide Information Technology, in December 1996. As the CIO, he has worldwide responsibility for Unisys information technology across the 37,000 Unisys employees operating in more than 100 countries. In this capacity he directs the 800 person IT organization and manages the Unisys IT budget of about $200M annually. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction for information technology and providing automated capabilities in support of the Unisys global business operations and its customers.Before joining Unisys, John Carrow served, from 1993, as the first Chief Information Officer in the history of Philadelphia. His work was covered extensively in the October 1996 issue of CIO magazine and in the December 1996 issue of Governing magazine, in which he was selected as Public Official of the Year for 1996.Prior to serving as CIO for the City of Philadelphia, Mr. Carrow had a successful sixteen year career at General Electric with positions of system engineer on large scale information systems, to general management positions in both line operations and business development for the GE Aerospace group in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.A native of Crystal City, Missouri, John is a 1966 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. John served 11 years as an Army Officer rising to the rank of Major. He is a decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran. In 1973, John Carrow received a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

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