John Mulqueen

Raising the Green for the Emerald Isle

Donald Caldwell had had a successful career managing a series of technology incubators, venture firms and consulting organizations, but had yet to achieve one of his most important goals:...

Irish Spin-Off Comes Home

A 4-year-old Irish spin-off of Sterling Software is moving back to the U.S. with a set of services and e-commerce software products targeted at financial institutions and telecommunications carriers.Orygen...

Hopeful Signs Emerge for Technology Spending Upturn

Signs of hope emerged last week that the downturn in IT spending is starting to ease.Technology investors grasped at upbeat announcements from three giants: Microsoft increased its prediction of...

B2B Falls Prey to Self-Help

The once-hot middleware market shows even more signs of cooling, with five companies reporting slower sales or missed earnings projections.The slowing stems in part from a realization by businesses...

Fast 50

Internet companies roared into 2000 sure they were going to conquer the world. For much of the 12 months that followed, it looked like they might.Financial statements with bulging...

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