Jonathan Blum

Senior WriterJonathan Blum is currently the New York-based senior writer for The Net Economy where he covers next-generation broadband interactive audio and video, and specializes in venture funded companies. Prior to that he was Entertainment Technologies Editor/Equity Analyst at Technology Investor Magazine, a start-up printed consumer business publication with a circ. of 270,000. Jonathan has also contributed content to The Red Herring, PRWeek, Post and Digital Television.Prior to that Jonathan was senior producer at CBS Cable, a principle at Seneca Pictures, a writer/producer at CNBC, a producer/designer at ABCNews and a writer/producer at VH1, MTV and Nickelodeon. He has written and developed content for Columbia Tristar, NBC Interactive, Turner Classic Movies and the Santa Barbara Film festival.Prior to that Jonathan worked in production for commercials, films, TV and live perfomance. His clients included The New York City Opera, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Houston Grand Opera, The Ford Motor Company, Sony Pictures, The Joyce Dance Theater and many, many others.Jonathan holds several TV ratings records including the highest rated Wednesday night since the Mid-80's. He has contributed to several Emmy Award winning programs and holds several design awards. He is a graduate of the New York City Public School System, he received a BA from Columbia University in New York and attended the National Theater School of Canada in Montreal.Jonathan covers the customer perspective, including how service providers deal with consumers in billing and customer relationship management. He also covers home networking and consumer devices.

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