Larry Loeb

Sony DRM Woes Continue

While I have had my fill of Sony DRM and all the screaming that has gone on around it (though it still gives me a chuckle when I see...

Unpatched IE Flaw Is Worse Than Expected

Last week was shortened by the Thanksgiving holiday, and it seemed the malware guys took it off as well. There was not much going on of recent origin, and...

Mac Users Miss All the Security Fun

Its that time of year when the smell of cooking turkey and mince pie is once again wafting through the house as the family gathers round the hearth. This...

Sonys Uninstaller Is Worse than Its DRM

In response to the firestorm over its DRM on CDs, Sony made available last week a Web-based "uninstaller" to remove it. It appears this cure is worse than the...

Sonys DRM: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

When I wrote last week about Sony DRM mess, I opined that it would serve MBAs of the future as a textbook example of how not to do things. It...

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