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Microsoft, Feds Near Antitrust Deal

Microsofts long-running antitrust battle with the federal government may soon be over.According to published reports, the software giant is close to a settlement with the Department of Justice. Details...

3Com Offers Upgradable LAN Switch

A lower-cost addition to 3Com Corp.s SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 family, unveiled last week, is aimed at enterprises that dont yet need enhanced traffic management features.The SuperStack 3 Switch...

WorldCom Scolds the FCC

WorldCom Inc., the Mississippi telecommunications services provider, in a statement Friday scolded the Federal Communications Commission for its "flagging commitment to telecom competition."WorldCom said that it has called on...

Radware Teams on Secure VPNs

Radware Ltd., Pyramid Computer Systeme and CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. announced on Tuesday a new joint solution providing high-availability, secure, Gigabit VPNs.The new offering will combine Radwares FireProof Security...

3Com Offers Upgradeable LAN Switch

3Com Corp. unveiled on Tuesday a lower-cost addition to its SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 family aimed at enterprises that dont yet need enhanced traffic management features.The SuperStack 3 Switch...

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