Megan Santosus

Impex Embraces Open-Source ERP

When one of J.D. Hicks clients expressed an interest in enterprise resource planning software, Hicks did what many people do: He turned to the Internet for product research. It...

Finding Partners That Are a Perfect Fit

Rob Weedn is a firm believer in the power of collective experience. Thats why Weedn, who is the federal practice manager at BPM software developer HandySoft Global, said he...

Kaseya Promotes Rent-to-Own with MSPs

As a software industry veteran who has had a hand in a number of successful startups (such as Platinum Software Corp., for one), Gerald Blackie said he is confident...

Credit Unions Network Goes Under the Scope

Its never fun being the last one to know ... anything. But when what you dont know can literally shut down your business while you remain in the dark,...

VOIP Call Center Pays Off for Minnesota DOR

For Joanne Furey, it was the small failures that were most worrisome. The Minnesota Department of Revenue, where Furey works as the voice communications manager, had for years been...

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