Michael Myser

New York County Proposes Law to Enforce Wi-Fi Security

A public official in Westchester County, some 30 miles north of New York, has proposed legislation that would require businesses that collect customer information to apply basic security like...

Rootkit Takes Aim at AOL

Security researchers have identified a rootkit being spread through AOLs popular instant messaging client and AOL chat rooms. Bundled within the previously identified W32/Sdbot-ADD worm, the lockx.exe rootkit file is...

DNS Survey Finds Widespread Vulnerability

In a security survey of some 1.3 million DNS servers, an Internet measurement firm found that as many as 84 percent of those servers could be susceptible to pharming...

Broadband Access Debates Speed Up

The Federal Communications Commission earlier this month voted to no longer require telephone companies to sell DSL services to independent competitors at regulated rates, changing the landscape of the...

Cisco Warns of SSL Vulnerability

Cisco on Monday released a security advisory and software fix for a vulnerability that affects two of the companys network security products. Attackers could use the vulnerability to gain access...

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