Mike Hollier

Dr. Mike Hollier is the CTO at Psytechnics, Ltd. Mike is a technical and commercial pioneer in perceptual engineering. Between 1990 and 1999, Mike directed BT's research into audio, video and multimedia performance assessment. Mike's PhD was gained from the University of Essex for his work on using models of human hearing to predict speech quality, contributing to the ITU-T PESQ standard. During 2000, Mike led the incubation of Psytechnics, Ltd and left BT to become the CEO. While CEO of Psytechnics, he managed the company's formation and early growth, raising further VC finance during the technology sector crash. This feat attracted an inaugural National Business Award in October 2002. Since October 2002, Mike has been the CTO, acting as a market evangelist and overseeing the R&D of a new generation of voice and video products. Mike is a Chartered Engineer, twice winner of the Alan Rudge Award for Innovation, a fellow of the University of Essex, and a member of the AES. He can be reached at mike.hollier@psytechnics.com.

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