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Ballmer Talks Up Live Services

Ballmer Talks Up Live Services: Live Services are the most important initiative at Microsoft. Final Vista Release Candidate Available: Is all well with Microsoft and security vendors? Microsoft Goes After Adobe:...

Microsoft, Security Vendors Spar

Microsoft, Security Vendors Tread Carefully: Microsoft and security vendors circle each other as Vista prepares to launch. McAfee Chides Microsoft Over Vista Security Policies: Speaking of dysfunctional relationships, McAfee takes...

Vista Moves One Step Closer

Vista Moves One Step Closer: Microsoft releases an interim build to Customer Preview Program participants. IE Patch: Too little, too late? An out-of-cycle patch may have been released after the...

To Sue or Not to Sue

To Sue or Not to Sue: In the past week Microsoft has filed lawsuits against 20 resellers, but also issued promises that it could not sue developers for using...

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