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Co-Founder, ExtremeTechEx-Director, PC Magazine LabsNick is a founder of the ExtremeTech website. He worked with co-founder Bill Machrone designing the site, staffing up, and getting initial content developed for ET's formal launch on June 12, 2001. Nick was Senior Technical Director of ET until mid-2003, while concurrently performing duties in PC Magazine Labs.Nick was a technical director in PC Labs from late 1991 through mid-2002, and was Lab Director from mid-2002 until March 2005. Prior to PC Magazine, Nick was in the computer industry in various development, systems engineering, and management roles since mid-1980, and he received an MS in Computer Science from SUNY Binghamton.In March 2005, Nick decided it was time to leave Ziff Davis Media (parent of PC Magazine and ExtremeTech) to pursue other opportunities, but wishes all the best to the ET and PC Magazine staff and reader communities!Nick can be contacted at

Intel Reveals Its Plan at IDF

Nearly 6,000 attendees gathered rich insight into Intels near-term and future development plans, products, and initiatives at the annual Fall 2004 Intel Developer Forum this week. Numerous third-party products...

Into the Future of Computer Graphics

LOS ANGELES—The worlds largest computer graphics tradeshow, Siggraph, celebrates its 31st year with over 25,000 international attendees from both industry and academia, and more than 230 vendors showing their...

Backup for Small Business: Exabyte VXA-2

Lets get this out of the way first: Small- and midsize businesses need to have a regular backup routine for their servers. Copying a few key files to a...

A Great Solution for Notebook Backup

Product: ABSplus Pro: Easy to set up and use, provides bootable replacement notebook drive, many features for power users, reliable operation. Con: Documentation is difficult to navigate and obtuse in places, and missing important...

Back Up Your Notebook Already!

Back Up Your Notebooks!"> Backing up data is one the most neglected yet vital tasks in computing. Youve read the stories-- few people perform systematic backups, often resulting in...

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