Patrick Norton

Run Linux on Your iPod

The crew behind the iPodLinux Project have ported Linux to the iPods hardware, at least first, second and third generation models. (iPodLinux doesnt run on fourth gen, mini or...

US Attorney General John Ashcroft Resigns

Rumors had been floating around the web for days, but it wasnt until late Tuesday evening that the White House confirmed that US Attorney General John Ashcroft has resigned...

Nokia Announces Wireless GPS Module

Its buried in paragraph six of the press release for Nokias latest smartphone (the 6670, if youre curious), but Nokia did announce the LD-1W Wireless GPS Module today.The company...

Wi-Fi Works Where GPS Wont

Place Lab has a pretty slick way for Wi-Fi users to figure out their location without buying any new equipment. The free software picks up the signal strength from...

Tiny Hard Drives Need New Plug

As expected, Intel announced CE-ATA today at the Intel Developer Forum. CE-ATA is an initiative to design a new storage interface for handheld and portable consumer electronics (CE). Hitachi...

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