Paula Musich

New Tools Manage Web Sites

Network and Web site operators continue to struggle to figure out how to best design performance and availability management into Internet or e-commerce infrastructures.At the NetWorld+Interop show in Atlanta...

CA Aims to Help Improve IT Governance

CA on Oct. 9 will make its biggest bid yet to help IT customers get more of their budgets under control when it introduces a major new release of...

Nimsoft Snags Indicative to Take On Big Management Rivals

Nimsoft on April 8 will bring new business service management functions into its fold when it announces its plans to acquire Indicative Software.The privately held Nimsoft bills itself as...

Cisco Fills Out Convergent Data Center Switch Line

Cisco Systems at its Partner Summit on April 8 continued to flesh out its Data Center 3.0 vision by adding a second, fixed-configuration Nexus Series Layer 2 switch also...

Polycom Raises Bar on IP Conferencing Phones

Polycom on April 8 will seek to spur a migration to new IP-based conferencing systems with new high definition voice phones that fully exploit IP for the first time.Polycom's...

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