Rick Sawyer

Rick Sawyer serves as Senior Principal, Critical Facilities Assurance at HP Critical Facilities Services. Rick's expertise includes project design, equipment specification and selection, contracting, testing, performance measurement and national engineering standards for global data center development. In addition to the design and construction of major, mission-critical facilities in the United States, Rick has developed data centers in Japan, Brazil and Argentina. Rick is also a frequent presenter at Data Center World Conferences and a Board Member of AFCOM's Data Center Institute. He can be reached at RSawyer@hp.com.

How to Maintain a Healthy Data Center from the Ground Up

/images/stories/70x50/bug_knowledgecenter_70x70_%282%29.jpg When approaching an energy efficiency program, it is important to keep in mind the day-to-day factors that data center administrators face. They must ensure that current facilities and equipment...

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