Rob Fixmer

Editor-In-Chiefrob.fixmer@ziffdavisenterprise.comRob joined Interactive Week from The New York Times, where he was the paper's technology news editor. Rob also was the founding editor of CyberTimes, The New York Times' technology news site on the Web. Under his guidance, the section grew from a one-man operation to an award-winning, full-time venture.His earlier New York Times assignments were as national weekend editor, national backfield editor and national desk copy editor. Before joining The New York Times in 1992, Rob held key editorial positions at the Dallas Times Herald and The Madison (Wisc.) Capital Times.A highly regarded technology journalist, he recently was appointed to the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism's board of visitors. Rob lectures yearly on new media at Columbia University's School of Journalism, and has made presentations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab and Princeton University's New Technologies Symposium.In addition to overseeing all of Interactive Week's print and online coverage of interactive business and technology, his responsibilities include development of new sections and design elements to ensure that Interactive Week's coverage and presentation are at the forefront of a fast-paced and fast-changing industry.

Yes, the Internet Does Change Everything

With the requisite bow to the moral issues posed by illegally downloading MP3-encoded music, I must admit that the sight of record companies sputtering vitriol about Napster and its...

Color Tomorrows Tech Market Blue

Today, when I gaze into my crystal ball to see what issues are likely to dominate technology markets in the next decade, I see the Internet against a blue...

Internet Insight: Moores Law & Order

Among the digerati, some of the leading sources of high anxiety are the perennial predictions that Moores Law is destined for a head-on collision with the laws of physics....

Its Time to Kill the Telecom Act of 1996

Youd have a hard time finding a bigger jumble of flawed logic than the Federal Communications Commissions recent attempts to even the playing field for the competition between telephone...

UCITA Shields Purveyors of Buggy Apps

When it comes to bad software, you will eat your lemons and like it, Bubba. At least you will if your company has the misfortune of being located in...

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