Sahil Gambhir

eScan 2003 Internet Security Suite

Intended for home users, eScan 2003 Internet Security Suite from MicroWorld Technologies Inc. rolls several Internet security products into a unified package. The suite bundles: real time virus and...

CyberFusion 5.5

CyberFusion 5.5 enables the management and delivery of secure file transfers between a company and its partners. The system sports advanced encryption, allowing users to select from a combination...

SecureSphere 2.0

Working in conjunction with perimeter security, SecureSphere 2.0 is an intrusion prevention tool for Internet and intranet applications. Using proprietary technology, called Correlated Attack Validation, the software maps normal...

RazorGate 100

The RazorGate 100 is a compact, 1U appliance designed for rapid deployment alongside any existing e-mail server to provide protection against spam, viruses, and hacker attacks. Key features include...

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