Udi Mokady

Udi Mokady is co-Founder, President and CEO of Cyber-Ark. Udi co-founded Cyber-Ark in 1999. In this role, he is responsible for the management, execution and strategic direction of the company. In his previous role as COO, Udi established Cyber-Ark's headquarters in the United States and orchestrated its market expansion. Prior to Cyber-Ark, Udi specialized in legal management and business development for international high-tech companies. He previously served as the general counsel at Tadiran Spectralink, a highly-specialized producer of secure wireless communications systems. A veteran of a Military Intelligence unit, Udi holds a law degree (L.L.B.) from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is completing the Science of Management Master's program at Boston University. He can be reached at udi.mokady@cyber-ark.com.

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