Yousef Fatehpour

Yousef's primary areas of interest are software design, user journeys, and how user experience is handled across software markets. Yousef also has experience in product design and multimedia content production.

7 Digital Transformation Trends Shaping 2022

Digital transformation has been the big technology story of the 2020s. Businesses that have embraced this ongoing movement have improved their customer journeys, strengthened their security, and even opened...

What Is Automation? A Complete Guide to Automation

Automation technologies have cut costs for businesses, help scale company operations, and greatly boosted efficiency. Experts project that 66% of businesses are utilizing solutions to automate at least one...

What Is Data Visualization? Benefits, Types & Best Practices

At the core of digital transformation lies data democratization, the practice of making data accessible throughout all departments of a business, not simply the C-suite and IT team. Datasets are...

5 Steps to Leveraging Machine Learning: The Shopify Use Case

The e-commerce platform Shopify has successfully leveraged machine learning through a methodological, five step strategy. Below we'll examine each step and detail how it’s helped the company thrive. Shopify’s growth...

5 Edge Computing Trends in 2022

Edge computing trends play a key role in business because edge deployments are now essentially everywhere. With the list of edge computing devices growing – including smartphones, smartwatches, and...

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